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Zimmet News: Around the World and Back Again

It’s been a very busy yet rewarding few months for us here at Zimmet Vein & Dermatology, filled with exciting opportunities both at home and abroad. We are delighted to share some of these highlights with you.

Dr. Zimmet Heads to India and Africa

Dr. Zimmet and wife

Dr. Zimmet and wife Adrienne

In January, Dr. Zimmet traveled to the colorful land of India, and had the honor of delivering a keynote presentation at the 6th annual National Venous Interventional Summit in Goa, the smallest state in the country. The summit was hosted by the Venous Association of India, a young but growing association that is dedicated to furthering the study and practice of phlebology. “The vein treatment community in India is growing rapidly,” Dr. Zimmet reports, “and these doctors are all interested in learning more about the field so they can provide the highest level of care to their patients. The meeting was exceptional and very productive for everyone involved.”

Dr. Zimmet continued his travels by visiting the “incredibly beautiful” African country of Tanzania. Known for dedicating at least 25 percent of its land to national parks and protected areas, Tanzania offered Dr. Zimmet the fascinating opportunity to see and experience wildlife in their natural habitats. He also enjoyed meeting his guides, all native Tanzanians, and is even keeping in touch with one of them, Simon, who liked to play guitar and sing in the camp in the evenings.

Upcoming World Congress in Boston

This September, Dr. Zimmet will continue to serve the international vein community at the International Union of Phlebology World Congress. The annual conference has never before been held on American soil, but will take place in Boston, MA, this year. Dr. Zimmet will serve on the elite seven-member Scientific Committee that will work to evaluate and ensure the quality of the scientific presentations made at the conference.

Extra! Extra!

Although engagements with fellow doctors have kept him busy, Dr. Z has not lost touch with the everyday women and men who have skin care questions and concerns. Just in the past few months he has been interviewed by several publications (from Cosmo to Prevention) for articles aimed at answering such concerns. Check out our Media and Press page for the details on those articles.

As is evidenced in this update, Dr. Zimmet is committed to serving the public, his peers and ultimately his patients — and is delighted to do so. As for us, we’re delighted to be a part of his growing team!

On a final note, we’re proud to announce that we’ve been recognized as a “Premier Center of Excellence” by Only 26 other vein care centers in the state earned this distinction and we’re honored to be in such good company.

We hope you found this update interesting and relevant, and if you’re here for the first time we hope you’ll get familiar with the skin and vein treatments we offer. At internationally recognized Zimmet Vein & Dermatology, you can be confident you’re in the best hands.

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