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Wranglers to the Rescue?

Call it offbeat or call it genius, but a well-known denim company is taking its shot at skin care.

This month legendary denim brand Wrangler Jeans will launch their new Denim Spa line, a somewhat revolutionary denim collection that infuses moisturizing and slimming elements that promise to protect skin from the “dehydrating effects” of wearing denim.

The line of skinny jeans will feature three different finishes:
Aloe Vera: to soothe sensitive skin
Olive Extract: for extra moisture
Smooth Legs: to reduce cellulite

You read that last one right: Smooth Legs makes the daring claim to help women battle the “cottage cheese” legs so many of us love to hate. The active ingredients include algae extracts, retinol and caffeine. After being clinically tested in France, 69% of participants claimed to see improved appearance of their thighs. (It should be mentioned, though, that participants had to wear the jeans 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, for 4 weeks to see visible results.)

You might be wondering how long such jeans can last—after all, you have to wash them sometimes, right? But according to Wrangler, the jeans are effective for 15 days (or through 4-6 washes); after that a reload spray can be applied after each wash to re-activate the ingredients. In total, they can retain their effects for 67-95 wears.

The jeans, which will officially launch on January 28th, are set to be priced at $136.00 and will be sold on U.K. clothing website The beautiful Liz Jagger (daughter of Mick and ex-model Jerry Hall) has signed on to be the face of the new line.

Another question on the mind of many a fashion journalist is undoubtedly, “Will they sell?” The answer to that has yet to be determined, but according to a poll on the Huffington Post, 45% of readers said they would try them—while 42% said, “Umm… no way.”

We’ll be keeping our eye on this product and others to separate gimmicks from the real deal. In the meantime, check out our tried and true treatment for reducing cellulite: ENDYMED™ 3DEEP.

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