The day before!

Monday, July 26

Tomorrow is the day. I’m excited.  Yesterday I bought some inexpensive blue pillowcases at Target. Dr. Zimmet suggested old pillowcases but I don’t have any of those (except some that I used to cover up plants during winter freezes).  This evening I am planning to go grocery shopping and to the movie store.

Dr. Zimmet’s office called in two prescriptions for me and I picked them up at Walgreen’s on 45th and Guadalupe. When I arrived to pick up the prescriptions they couldn’t find them at first, because apparently they’d misheard my last name. We got that straightened out, but when I got home I noticed that the labels on the prescription bottles were both for acetaminophen with codeine, although there were two different pills. Sure enough, the pharmacist printed out two acetaminophen labels. That is a pretty serious mistake. I called the pharmacy and told them, and she was very apologetic and offered to bring me a new label for the Valtrex. I declined that offer.  The experience will make me more cautious in the future in double-checking the labels of prescriptions before I take them. I’m supposed to start taking the Valtrex (as a precaution to prevent fever blisters) tomorrow. I have 15 of those and 15 of the pain relievers, which I don’t expect to need but am glad to have just in case.

On Friday I told my brand-new assistant about this project, as she’ll be seeing me the day of and the day after the procedure.  She was interested and excited, and we looked up the website and looked at some of the before and after pictures. It’s been interesting telling people about what I’m about to do. Everyone I’ve told (all women) has been interested and curious. I did have to mention to one client today that I’d be working from home for several days after a minor surgical procedure, as we were trying to schedule a meeting. She didn’t ask what it was and I didn’t offer. I haven’t told any of my male friends so far. There’s a part of me that is sort of embarrassed about what I’m about to do, as it might strike some people as vain and extreme. I’m also kind of a private person and don’t think it’s really anyone’s business.  There are some people in my life—thinking of my Sierra Club hiking group, for example—who I’m fairly sure would not get why I’m doing this.  That doesn’t lessen my excitement and resolve about it. I know that looking as good as I possibly can is very important to my self-esteem and overall mental health.  And feeling good about myself makes me perform better in every aspect of my life—I have no doubt whatsoever about that.  I happen to be single right now, which probably unconsciously makes it even more important to me to look good.  Being in the public relations business I’m also out and about socially quite a bit.  I think it’s a fact that people want to work with people they like and that they enjoy being around and looks are a part of that. It’s certainly proven by research that people unconsciously favor those who are more attractive.  I don’t advocate judging people on their appearance but it’s simply a fact that we judge and are judged, in a million different ways every single day.

Tomorrow I’ll start posting daily pictures, which hopefully will make this more interesting.

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