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The Dark Side of Wrinkles: Vampire Lift Treatments

The pop-culture vampire craze has spread from horror movies to fantasy romance novels like Twilight to TV shows like True Blood and The Vampire Diaries. Who would have guessed that its next victim would be cosmetic dermatology?

Several dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons have begun offering “Vampire face lifts,” or Selphyl. During the procedure, the dermatologist takes some of the patient’s blood, and then uses a propriety process to concentrate the fibrin and platelets. The patient is then injected with this mixture for “soft tissue regeneration.” Selphyl is being marketed as a more natural, less painful alternative to chemical fillers, Botox® , and surgical face lifts.

This procedure is not FDA-approved for facial rejuvenation, but rather cleared with permission to market by the FDA 510(k) in the United States for the safe and rapid of collection of a patient’s own platelet-rich plasma.

Since there are no peer-reviewed scientific studies on Selphyl, it is hard to say what the side effects could be or how effective it really is. With any injection there is always the possibility of bleeding, infection, and inflammatory reactions. Because of this uncertainty and the lack of data, Dr. Zimmet asks patients to be cautious.

Source: Something of the Wolf

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