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Honeysuckle Plant Shows Promise for UV Protection

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During Texas summers, clouds are often few and far between. Experts recommend sunscreen and UV-protecting clothing for anyone who is spending time outside, especially during this time of year. And now, new scientific developments may make protecting your skin easier.

Researched published in the journal Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research shows that natural honeysuckle plant extract provides a significant amount of UV protection on clothing. Furthermore, the extract remained on the clothing even after it was exposed to sunlight and laundering for a significant period of time. Though honeysuckle extract is not used to block UV rays currently, it is commonly used in Chinese medicine.

Clothing that protects individuals from the sun’s harmful rays has been gaining in popularity in recent years. Before clothing can be deemed ultraviolet protecting, it must undergo testing and be assigned an Ultraviolent Protection Factor.

The researchers claimed that this new development could pave the way for more sustainable UV-safe clothing, as opposed to current UV-blocking fabric, which often uses chemicals. Though honeysuckle-coated clothing probably won’t be in stores for at least a few years, the research certainly raises awareness that sun protection can go beyond just sunscreen.

Photo Credit:  MyNameMattersNot

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