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Sonic Skin Cleansing with Clarisonic

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By Hadley, Zimmet Vein & Dermatology Aesthetician

Oh how I love thee, Clarisonic, let me count the ways. Softer, smoother, and more radiant, my skin has never felt so clean! After the topical antioxidant, anti-aging serums, sunscreen, concealer, and mineral make-up not to mention dirt, pollution and oil it’s no surprise my manual cleanse left my skin feeling clogged.

I’d cleanse two sometimes even three times wasting expensive face wash and countless tissues. The worst part was the visible mineral make-up in the fine lines on my skin and corners of my nose after cleansing. What could I do? Doomed to live a life of manual cleansing I settled for half clean skin… then along came the Clarisonic brush.

In a study comparing the Clarisonic brush to manual cleansing in the removal of mineral make-up this magical device proved to clean the skin 6 times more effectively. The key to this impressive cleaning is the oscillating brush, which moves back and forth at 300 times per second. Simple, easy and cost effective this tool preps the skin and improves product penetration. Another study compared manual cleansing to Clarisonic cleansing, and reported 61% greater absorption of Vitamin C after using the Clarisonic brush. Finally, a tool designed to clean our skin better and make our products more effective! Customizable settings and several brush head options make the Clarisonic suitable for even sensitive skin types.

To use, apply cleanser directly to the face or brush and press the start button. Beginning at the forehead move the brush in small circles until you hear the beeping prompt to move to the next area. The sequence is 20 seconds for the forehead, 20 seconds for the chin area, and 10 seconds for each cheek. But at what point do I clean my nose? This part needs special attention! Feeling rushed to include my nose in one of the four ‘sections’ I opted to start over with a new cleansing sequence and then turn the tool off.

A client clued me in that the outer portion of the brush can be ‘popped off’ leaving a smaller brush to reach the corners of the nose. My first attempt at this failed miserably as I sadly watched my brush head fly onto the bathroom floor. After a second more careful try I successfully removed the inner brush, attached it to the Clarisonic and now my nose is squeaky clean. A quick call to the representative confirmed that this method is safe for the skin and the Clarisonic brush head. She warned that only the fully intact brush head should be used to clean the rest of the face. Without the ‘anchor’ or outer ring the Clarisonic may not clean the skin properly.

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