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Shaving, tweezing, waxing; there are many different ways to remove unwanted hair from your body, but all of these suffer from the same shortcoming; the hair grown back. If you are tired of such temporary solutions, a permanent route you can take is getting laser hair removal treatment. It is the only proven hair removal method that is permanent and is thus required only once. Read on to find out all you need to know about this modern method of hair removal.

Getting rid of hair with laser hair removal

As you can well imagine, being a permanent hair removal method means that laser treatment as not as simple as shaving or waxing. You would ideally like a dermatologist to look over the procedure and ensure that everything is in place. It is a medical procedure and someone trained in dermatology should be a part of it.

Make sure to not wax or shave for at least six weeks before getting a laser treatment as the treatment targets hair roots and shaving and waxing can remove them temporarily. This would make the treatment in effectual. You should also avoid sun exposure as that can also interfere with the laser treatment.

During the laser treatment, your hair will be trimmed and the equipment will be adjusted as per the color, location, and the thickness of your hair. The technician then sets the laser to focus on the targeted area and checks for any bad reactions. The process is painless but takes some time. Depending on the type of hair you have, multiple sessions of the treatment might be required.

Skin care after laser treatment

It is essential to follow the proper skin care suggestions after getting a laser hair removal treatment. Let us know what these steps are from one of the best in the field. Dr. Steven Zimmet has been a dermatologist in Austin, TX for over 30 years and has performed innumerable such procedures.

Dr. Zimmet says that you should use ice packs, cold water, or anti inflammatory lotions after the treatment to soothe the affected area. For a few days after the treatment, your skin is bound to look sunburned and there will be irritation and itching. Avoid itching and use moisturizer to help with the irritation. You will also need to start wearing sunscreen as the hair begins to fall out and your skin becomes more exposed to the sun. Blistering is uncommon but is known to occur in some cases as is redness, scarring, and swelling.

It is quite easy to take laser hair removal lightly as people tend to see it as just another form of hair removal. Even if it is true, laser treatment is a medical procedure that should be carried out properly and by a trained technician or a dermatologist. Proper laser hair removal treatment can give you self confidence by getting rid of any unwanted hair on your body. It is a great way to get a new look for yourself that is much more cleaner and to your liking than before. Get laser hair removal and you can discover a new you.

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