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Multivitamins May Cause More Harm than Good

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The next time you sit down to take your daily multivitamin, you might want to reconsider. Recent studies have shown that some vitamins may not ward off disease, and in fact may contribute to the development of some illnesses.

Two separate reports, both published in reputable academic journals, observed 35,000 men and 38,000 women, some in a control group and some who took vitamins over a long time period. The results were surprising: the men who took more vitamins were slightly more likely to develop prostate cancer, and the women who took their daily supplements had a higher risk of death. The results were not statistically significant enough to claim that vitamins cause cancer, but they seem to indicate that consuming excessive vitamins–particularly in pill form–could be a waste of money.

Vitamins, supplements, and antioxidant pills have gained popularity over the past few years, but most doctors still recommend that individuals get their vitamins and minerals from the food they eat. A diet consisting mainly of nutritious fruits, vegetables, and grains should provide the average person with most necessary vitamins. Taking extra supplements has empirically been linked to heart disease, several cancers, and other serious health conditions. The studies, however, did not examine the benefits of multi-vitamins for individuals suffering from serious vitamin and nutrient deficiency, and several have claimed that calcium actually lowers the risk of death, particularly in women.

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We all hear about the benefits of regular exercise, but often, busy schedules get in the way of making it to the gym for an hour. However, there’s good news for people who can’t spare more than 15 minutes of their day. New research has revealed that even small bouts of exercise can significantly reduce the risk of heart disease.

Though the official government guidelines suggest two and a half hours of exercise a week, a study by the American Heart Association claims that research participants who went from not exercising to exercising for 15 minutes a day saw huge health benefits. The study noted that, while more exercise may be needed to reach a healthy weight, a short, daily workout could drastically reduce the risk of heart disease.

Regular exercise has a plethora of health benefits, and many of them are “skin deep.” For example, exercise has been shown to flush out toxins from your body, giving your skin a brighter glow. It also reduces cortisol levels, a hormone that causes stress and can lead to early aging. Don’t be afraid to try a new sport, activity, or exercise class to get yourself moving, but make sure to apply sunscreen if you’re going to be outdoors.

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