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Brazilian Blowout Poses Health Risk

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The safety of Brazilian Blowouts, an increasingly popular chemical hair-smoothing treatment, has recently been called into question by the California Attorney General. The makers of the treatment, GIB, will pay $600,000 in fines and be required to inform both consumers of the product and hair stylists of the potential health risks due to carcinogenic ingredients.

Previously, the company had advertised Brazilian Blowout products as “formaldehyde-free,” yet recent studies have revealed that many of the products contain formaldehyde–up to 8% in some of the samples tested. Several salon owners, hairdressers, and consumers have reported reactions to the products, including burning eyes, skin rashes, and severe headaches. Additionally, long-term exposure to formaldehyde has been linked to cancer, usually myeloid leukemia.

The lawsuit settlement requires that Brazilian Blowout products sold and used in California be affixed with a “Caution” sticker that alerts users of the formaldehyde content. The FDA has approved Brazilian Blowout products for use in the United States, but recent class action suits have prompted new investigations regarding the products’ ingredients.

Dr. Zimmet recommends that clients thoroughly research any beauty or health products before using them. For more information about safe cosmetic procedures and products, contact Zimmet Vein & Dermatology today.

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