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Study Sheds Light on Recommendation for Daily Aspirin

Doctors commonly recommend that individuals worried about heart disease should take a low dose of aspirin every day. However, a new study calls that advice into question, claiming that the likelihood of bleeding in the intestinal tract or brain may outweigh any benefits gained from the medication.

The study was led by Dr. Antonio Nicolucci of an Italian biomedical research center. Researchers tracked the health of 186,000 individuals taking low-dose aspirin and 186,000 individuals who were not. The subjects who regularly used aspirin were 55% more likely to experience cerebral or gastrointestinal bleeding. Older men were seen to be particularly susceptible to bleeding.

While the study did not negate the efficacy of using aspirin to prevent cardiovascular disease, researchers concluded that the medication should be primarily used for patients with a higher risk of heart complications. Dr. Zimmet recommends seeking out physicians dedicated to prescribing personalized health and recovery plans for each patient. For more information about services offered at Zimmet Vein & Dermatology, contact us today.

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