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Reduce Your Frown and Age Lines

As we age, our faces begin to show wrinkles and fine lines between the eyebrow, smile lines, on the forehead and around the eyes and mouth. Most of these “age lines” are caused by excessive contraction of muscles used in facial expressions.

Botox®  is used to treat expression lines such as frown lines, crow’s feet, squint lines, lines along the bridge of the nose and downturned corners of the mouth.

In Austin you can get:

  • Botox® Injection for TMJ

  • Botox® For Headaches

  • Botox® For Cheeks

  • Austin Botox® For Eyes

  • Austin Botox® For Smile Lines

  • Austin Botox® For Lips

  • Botox® For Forehead

  • Botox® For Chin

What Is Botox® ® Cosmetic

It is purified proteins administered by injection via a tiny needle.  They can be used to treat and relax frown and other lines on the face. Botox®  can also be an effective treatment for excessive sweating.

How Does It Work?

Botox® blocks nerve impulses. When injected into a muscle, they prevent the muscle from being activated and able to contract. Once the muscles are at rest, the skin becomes smoother, giving your face a more relaxed appearance.

The procedure is performed in-office and typically takes only 5-10 minutes. Effects typically last about four months, so the treatment is usually repeated about two to three times per year to maintain results.

Treatment Results

Most patients notice considerable improvement in their age lines soon after the appointment. Botox® usually takes a week or so to reach full effect.

Ideal Candidates

Most anyone interested in minimizing and eliminating unwanted, age related, expression lines is a candidate for Botox® . Exceptions include patients who are pregnant or breastfeeding, or those allergic to albumin or Botox® . Patients with neurological conditions are not generally recommended for treatment.

If you believe you may be a good candidate for Botox® , contact us to schedule a free consultation. Dr. Zimmet will review your medical history and go over your treatment goals.

Why Botox® over Dysport or Xeomin?

Botox® , Dysport and Xeomin are all FDA-approved neuromodulators used to treat lines of expression. Botox® was the first neuromodulator approved by the FDA (2002), while Dysport was approved in 2009 and Xeomin in 2011.

In Dr. Zimmet’s experience, Botox® currently provides more predictable and reliable results than Xeomin, and appears to have less spread or diffusion than Dysport. Reduced spread decreases the chance for undesired effects such as drooping of the eyelids.

The duration of effect seems to be about the same across all three brands.

Additional Information

What do I do before and after a Botox® treatment?

Aspirin or ibuprofen-like medications may increase the chance for bruising. Consider avoiding them for 1 week before and after treatment. We suggest you avoid working out, lying down and massaging the treated area for 1 hour after treatment. It may also be helpful to contract the muscles we injected four or five times over the first hour.

What are the side effects?

Botox® has been used for over many years, in thousands of patients, and has an excellent safety record. As with any treatment, however, side effects can occur. Reported side effects have included bruising, swelling and transient headache. Ptosis, a drooping of the eyelid and/or eyebrow, occurs in 1-2 percent of patients and generally resolves within 2 weeks. Occasionally patients may observe more effect on one side than another, causing an asymmetrical appearance.
If you notice any abnormal changes after treatment, contact our office immediately.

Treatment Video

Please call us today at (512) 485-7700 if you have  questions or would like to schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Zimmet.

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