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Sun Damage Treatment

Restore and Protect Your Skin

Sun damage can cause a variety of skin problems, including wrinkles, skin laxity, broken capillaries, age spots, freckles, pigmentation, precancerous lesions, and skin cancers.

At Zimmet Vein & Dermatology, we offer skin cancer screenings and a number of treatments that can reduce the effects of sun damage on your skin.

  • ADVANCED FOTOFACIAL REJUVENATION –  Treatment involves a combined use of pulsed light and a VariLite laser to target broken capillaries, splotchy pigmentation, and sun-damaged skin.
  • BLU-LIGHT PHOTODYNAMIC THERAPY (PDT) – Blu-U PDT Therapy can treat acne sun-damaged precancerous spots called actinic keratoses as well as rejuvenate skin.
  • EXCEL V –  combines two ultra-precise wavelengths, giving it the versatility to treat anything from superficial and deep vascular lesions to darker pigmented spots. One wavelength penetrates the superficial layers of the skin to target red and brown lesions, while the other wavelength goes to work on a deeper level to target larger blood vessels, thus targeting broken capillaries, splotchy pigmentation, and sun-damaged skin.
  • PEELS – We offer a variety of physician grade chemical peels, which are used to improve acne, reduce excessive pigmentation, stimulate collagen production and improve surface texture.
  • SKIN RESURFACING –  Utilizes a fractionated CO2 laser  to tighten skin, reduce fine lines, treat sun-damaged pigmentation, improve acne and other scars, shrink pores, and rejuvenate skin of the face, neck and chest.
  • Q-SWITCHED ND:YAG LASER – The TriBeam Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser can be used for treatment of pigmentation, tattoo removal, acne and non-ablative skin rejuvenation.

Dr. Zimmet is dedicated to providing top-quality skin care for his patients. He vigorously researches and studies new technologies, making sure they’re both safe and effective before using them on patients. We encourage you to ask questions about our sun damage treatments and learn more about your available options.

Dr. Zimmet is a superb and compassionate doctor. I have been a patient for at least 10 years. He always takes the time to listen to your concerns and gives a straightforward, honest opinion and analysis. His care is fabulous and above reproach. I would not consider another dermatologist for my skin care.
— Patient

To set up a consultation with Dr. Zimmet, call us at (512) 485-7700.


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