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Simple, Everyday Tips for Weight Loss

Most of us struggle with the daily battle of losing weight, and while dieting and crazy meal plans always seem like the new trend in battling bulge, in reality, there’s many simple, everyday tricks you can use to start shedding pounds. Losing weight is about more than changing your diet, it’s about changing your lifestyle. With these daily tips, you’ll start to crave sweets less and watch your weight drop:

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  1. Focus on water. Drinking orange juice or something similar at breakfast is fine, but for the rest of the day your focus should be on choosing water above juice or soft drinks. It’s also been shown that sugary drinks don’t promote a sense of fullness, but water can. Keep a bottle of water with you all day and be sure to finish it a few times over.
  2. Eat five or six small meals a day. As opposed to three big meals a day, eating five or six small meals helps keep the body’s insulin steady, reducing hunger.
  3. Bring in the color blue. Have you ever noticed that no restaurants or fast food chains embrace the color blue? That’s because it’s widely known as an appetite suppressant. Use blue dinner plates, set the table with a blue tablecloth or just simple wear blue when you eat. Similarly, avoid reds and oranges, as they’re known to increase appetites.
  4. Serve from the stove. Instead of putting dinner into serving dishes and serving at the table, serving directly from the stove can help you eat 10% less. Also, pack snacks in small containers or bags. Eating from large containers increases appetite.
  5. Be active in the morning. Working out in the mornings, whether it’s a jog, dancing around your living room or early morning yoga, helps reduce your motivation for food for the rest of the day.

By taking small steps to adjust your lifestyle, you can be healthy and fit without crash dieting. If you’re struggling with weight loss and need help shedding those last few pounds, Zimmet Vein & Dermatology offer body contouring treatments that may be right for you. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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