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Radiofrequency Technology Rejuvenates Hands

Generally when someone mentions aging or wrinkles, we think of frown lines, crow’s feet or skin sagging. However, fine lines, wrinkles, and prominent veins on hands are also a key indicator of age. Recently, a new procedure has been reported to reduce the signs of aging of the hands using radiofrequency technology.

There are a number of devices that use radiofrequency energy to rejuvenate skin, including Endymed 3DEEP, Thermage and Ellman. The radiofrequency energy delivered to the skin stimulates new collagen formation. The new collagen acts as a foundation for the skin, creating a firmer, smoother appearance. A recent study evaluated the safety and efficacy of the procedure using 29 participants, each of whom received three of the treatments. After completion, 89% of the women saw a noticeable improvement in their hands’ wrinkles. Although some of the patients described the treatment as slightly uncomfortable, no adverse effects were reported.

If you would like more information about smoothing the fine lines on your hands, reducing prominent hand veins, or addressing other signs of hand aging contact Zimmet Skin & Vein for more information.

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