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Product Review: MDSolarSciences Mineral Gel Sunscreen SPF +30

by Hadley, Skin Care Specialist at Zimmet Vein and Dermatology

Finally a non-comedogenic water-resistant physical sunscreen designed for acne and rosacea prone skin! This is my new favorite product. I admit I felt skeptical when my sample of MDSolarSciences Mineral Gel Sunscreen SPF +30 arrived. My chin is a major problem area and sunscreens always seem to irritate my skin and cause breakouts. Also, physical sunscreens are often thick and difficult to apply.

Most non-comedogenic sunscreens contain chemical ingredients unsuitable for acne / rosacea prone skin. MDSolarSciences Mineral Gel uses only Zinc and Titanium Dioxide to physically block UV rays without comedogenic (pore clogging) ingredients. MDSolar Sciences mineral gel feels smooth and creamy quickly disappearing without a white sheen on the skin. Physical sunscreens usually require application to hydrated skin to avoid the ‘mask look’ but Mineral Gel SPF 30 smoothed onto my skin seamlessly both 30 seconds and 30 minutes after moisturizer. MDSolarSciences Mineral Gel ‘very water resistant formula’ requires a thorough cleanse to remove it from the skin. Other physical sunscreens turn into a white watery mess once my skin becomes sweaty or wet.

Overall, this product gets an A+. My skin feels hydrated all day but never oily or greasy.  After two weeks my chin area had zero breakouts and I could tell my pores looked clearer.

Product Highlights:

Ideal for Acne/Rosacea

Physical sunscreen (Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide)


Smooth texture


Very water-resistant

Ideal for Acne/Rosacea

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