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Post-procedure Day 4

Dr. Zimmet is using a better camera than I've been using, so this photo is a great representation of how red I look on the fourth day after the laser FX treatment.

Big changes today. Lots of skin peeling. It’s hard to keep my hands off my face. Still a little puffy, and red/brown on most of my face, and most noticeable around the edges. Bright pink where skin has peeled off on my cheeks. I took this picture last night realizing that it shows the most contrast. I had my first post-procedure check-in with Dr. Zimmet this morning. (Either he or someone from his office has called me every day to check on me, which has been really nice.) He said everything looks good, to keep the ointment on at all times. He affirmed that I should be gently washing my face. Today I realized that I have a meeting two days from now and I am NOT going to want to be out in public. I still have two full days, and Dr. Zimmet said that once the peeling starts in earnest that the way I look will rapidly improve, but he agreed that I probably won’t want to be at this 8 a.m. meeting on Day 6. I’m going to try not to worry too much about it today.

Looking up close at my face today I realized that my smile lines are barely visible, my forehead looks completely smooth and my eyelids look dramatically different. I’m pretty excited.

I’ve never looked forward to washing my face so much, and wish I could wash even more than four times a day. I’m pretty itchy and I don’t want to take Benadryl because it makes me groggy.

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