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Lasers and intense pulsed light (IPL) devices are wonderful tools that can be used to treat a variety of skin conditions. A true laser emits a single wavelength of light while a pulsed light device emits a spectrum of light. The wavelength and power output of a particular laser or IPL typically determines what it is used to treat. Targets in the skin, such as spider veins, pigmented spots, tattoos and water, absorb energy based on the laser/light chosen. In this way selected problem areas can be treated.


  • Improved results
  • Less invasive treatment
  • Minimal downtime
  • Minimal risk

Click the links below to learn more and view before and after photos of Zimmet Vein & Dermatology’s laser treatment results:

ACNE TREATMENT: Improve acne and boost collagen levels in the skin with laser treatment.

ENDOVENOUS LASER ABLATION (EVLT): An alternative to vein stripping, EVLT is an in-office procedure that uses a thin laser fiber to close the inside of the vein. It is done under local anesthesia without incisions.

FACIAL VEINS: Treat facial capillaries with minimal discomfort and quick recovery with pulsed light or VariLite laser procedures.

FOTOFACIAL TREATMENTS: VariLite laser & pulsed light skin rejuvenation treat rosacea, aging and sun-damaged skin on the face, neck, chest, arms and hands.

FRECKLE & AGE SPOT REMOVAL: Minimize brown spots and freckles with non-invasive VariLite laser or pulsed light treatment.

HAIR REMOVAL: Eliminate unwanted hair on the back, shoulders, arms, legs and face.

GENTLEWAVES TREATMENTS: Rejuvenate aging and sun-damaged skin with this LED light procedure that stimulates collagen.

PHOTODYNAMIC THERAPY: Minimize acne, rosacea and sun-damaged skin with this combination treatment to enhance the results of laser and pulsed light procedures.

RESURFACING: Treat facial wrinkles and acne scarring with this ablative laser procedure.

ROSACEA: Address this common skin condition with pulsed light or VariLite laser treatments, which offer minimal discomfort and speedy recovery.


Always research your doctor before you commit to any laser treatment procedure. Learn more about Dr. Zimmet’s laser training and experience.

  • Who is performing the laser procedure? A doctor or laser operator?
  • How many procedures has this individual performed? With what success rate?
  • What is his/her medical training, background and ongoing education?

Contact us at  (512) 485-7700  to schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Zimmet to discuss your skin concerns and help you determine if laser treatment and/or other minimally invasive treatments are right for you.

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