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New Research Could Protect Skin From Aging

When aging cells stop dividing and producing new cells, they build up and promote aging in adjacent cells. However, what happens when the aging, or senescent, cells are efficiently cleared from the body? According to researchers at the Mayo Clinic, removing the senescent cells could slow the body’s aging process, resulting in tighter, wrinkle-free skin.

The researchers used two groups of mice and treated one group starting in their youth and treated the other after they aged. The treatment destroyed the senescent cells, which caused them to be discharged from the body. Both groups experienced fewer cataracts, less muscle loss, and less wrinkle-causing fat loss, especially in the group that had been “pre-treated.” According to the researchers, removing the living cells that had stopped dividing allowed for the healthy, reproducing cells to flourish. Additionally, removing senescent cells decreased levels of harmful build-up and inflammation produced by the cells.

All bodies produce senescent cells, but in old age, more are produced and the body does not remove the cells as fast. Many scientists believe that senescent cells are responsible for many aspects of aging. If this is the case, the research could help develop new anti-aging procedures that treat and remove senescent cells.

Though the report is certainly exciting news, Dr. Zimmet advises that his patients only engage in procedures that are approved by the FDA. If you would like to discuss options for smoothing wrinkles or lessening the effects of aging, contact Zimmet Vein & Dermatology today.

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