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More Men Seeking Cosmetic Treatments

Getting skin tightened, smoothed and lifted is often thought of as an exclusively female desire. The idea of men “getting work done” was practically an alien one just a few years ago.

Men have traditionally been disinterested or at least reluctant to pursue any kind of cosmetic treatment outside hair loss treatments. But is it possible that this is changing—that more and more men are considering other cosmetic treatments? Dermatologists and plastic surgeons across the country have answered with a resounding “yes”.

Florida physician Mark Nestor, MD, PhD, explains that, “There’s been a certain stigma associated with cosmetic surgery in men, and historically they have stayed away from that. What’s happening now is that as men realize that they can have nonsurgical procedures that look natural and help them look young, more and more are opening up to having them.”

Not only that, but the 2011 Plastic Surgery Statistics Report shows a 56 percent increase in minimally invasive procedures in men.

So what really accounts for this change? Are men and women seeking treatments for the same reasons?

In short, no. While women typically view a more youthful, radiant appearance as a goal in and of itself, men tend to view cosmetic treatments as a means to an end. Men are concerned about competition in the workplace and in the dating scene and see treatments as ways to gain a competitive edge.

This accounts for men’s motivation, but that’s not the only thing encouraging them to pursue cosmetic procedures. Men are discovering that treatments have greatly improved as far as being comfortable, natural-looking and long-lasting.

Men (like women) want the fact that they’ve had work done to be virtually inconspicuous, which is why fillers and toxins have been popular with them. They also appreciate that there is little to no downtime involved — that getting treatment won’t be a big deal.

An added comfort for men who are interested in improving their appearance is the fact that they don’t have to head to a plastic surgeon’s office, which to many of them has connotations of invasive surgery and “Real Housewives” results. Instead, men can turn to a dermatologist to take care of them. Mark Nestor claims, “They’ll feel comfortable with us. We’re in a unique situation where men come to us with a rash or a growth, and we can educate them not only about how we can help them medically but how we can help them aesthetically.”

For men who need a “competitive edge”, there’s never been a better time to look into cosmetic treatments. Dermatologists like Dr. Zimmet can treat brown spots, rosacea, double chins, skin keratoses, photodamage and more.

Contact our office today to learn more about treatments for men — either for yourself or for the man in your life. (512) 485-7700.

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