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Medical Professionals Caution Against Dangerous ‘Botox® Parties’

If you’re looking for a cheap alternative to standard cosmetic dermatology, or even just a fun night out with the girls, you might be considering a “Botox® party”: a get-together during which people mingle and socialize, then receive Botox® injections. However, what may seem like a fun way to save some money it could be, at best, a waste of money, and at worst, risky.

Botox® parties have gained popularity in the last few years, causing some health professionals to become alarmed at the possible risks. Although Botox® is normally a very safe and effective procedure, some Botox® party “practitioners” have no qualifications and use watered-down product or even substitutes for actual Botox® . Furthermore, Botox® parties are more likely to take place in a home rather than a doctor’s office, boosting the likelihood that the procedure will be unsanitary, and totally unprepared for dealing with emergency situations that may arise.

Does the “host” know how to deal with a vasovagal event? Have they ever heard of a vasovagal event? Do they have the know-how and supplies to manage an allergic reaction? Other questions that come to mind are how do they dispose of contaminated needles, and where are they getting their syringes and needles? Is there good lighting? Does the host use any magnification? Is the set-up, including the exam table/chair, conducive to administration of a good treatment, or do the ergonomics make this difficult? These are simple but important questions.

With Botox® parties and any cosmetic dermatology procedure, Dr. Zimmet recommends the right questions about the person who is going to perform the procedure. Make sure he or she is a doctor or a nurse under a physician’s supervision who has the proper knowledge, skill and experience for the procedure to be done.

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