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Lash and Brown Tinting- Is it Right for You?

For those of us with lighter, blonder eyelashes and eyebrows, the trend of lash and brow tinting is tantalizing- to be able to wake up with dark, defined eyelashes is a privilege we’ve never known. But, is tinting right for you? There are many things to consider before jumping into a tinting appointment- and we highly recommend you see a professional. Tinting at home can be extremely dangerous and cause permanent damage. Some of these dangers include:

  • Blindness: If tint is not applied correctly and comes in direct contact with your eye, blindness can occur in serious cases.
  • Infections: Even if you avoid blindness, eyelash or eyebrow tint can cause swelling, pain and serious infection if not applied correctly.
  • There are no “Organic” dyes: For eyelash and brow tints, there are no “organic” dyes, which means you’re using the same kind of dye found in permanent hair dye- and who wants that so close to their eyeball if they don’t know what they’re doing?
  • Ruining your Color: When you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s very easy to pick a color that’s too dark or harsh on your skin- a professional will know what’s shades to go for to keep you looking young.

So, who should get lash and brow tints? Really, they work for everyone. Anyone looking to keep their face looking younger and bolder can try these tints. Brow tints work for any color- it can be customized for whatever color you’re looking for. Lash tints typically work better for those with blonder lashes- otherwise, lash tinting may not make too much of a difference for those with darker lashes naturally.

To keep your tint bold, make sure you help make it last. Tinting should last about six weeks, but you should avoid oil-based moisturizers, cleansers or wipes- these will dissolve your tint quickly. But wearing makeup like mascara or brow liner over your tint is perfectly fine.

If you’re interested in improving the tint of your lash or brow, Zimmet Vein & Dermatology offers a wide variety of aesthetics, including lash and brow tints. Contact us today to make an appointment.

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