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Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is among the most sought after aesthetic dermatology procedures in the United States today. Advancements in laser technologies have made the process of hair removal safer, simpler, and highly effective. Dr. Steven Zimmet is an experienced dermatologist providing a range of skin care treatments, including laser hair removal. Patients located in and around Austin, TX have an opportunity to receive the latest treatments at his state of the art practice.

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Body hair growth occurs differently in different people due to a variety of factors. Some people may get undesirable growth of hair on the face, back, neck, arms, bikini area, legs, and the back. This condition may occur due to hormonal imbalances, hereditary factors or other reasons.

Traditional solutions such as shaving, tweezing, and waxing can be painful and uncomfortable, and most importantly, they can only provide temporary relief. This is where laser hair removal has emerged as a highly effective long-term cosmetic dermatology treatment.

Good Candidates

Laser hair removal treatment is ideally suited for people who have a relatively lighter skin and pigment in their hair. The affected areas that need to be treated should not have tanning as far as possible. People who wish to remove white or gray hairs through laser technique may not achieve optimal results because the laser light will not be absorbed sufficiently to disintegrate the hair follicle.

Dr. Zimmet is an eminent dermatologist, who will first examine the suitability of the patient before recommending laser hair removal treatment. Patients in Austin, TX and surrounding communities may consult with Dr. Zimmet for this treatment.


Laser hair removal is a minimally invasive aesthetic procedure. The treatment begins with the laser expert placing the laser tip over the affected area of the skin. The laser tip will release a sharp beam of laser light that is delivered with high precision to the targeted hair follicles. The laser energy goes through the top surface of the skin, and the hair follicle pigment absorbs it. This disables the unwanted hair from its root. Gradually, the hair gets removed from the skin with lasting results.

Laser hair removal treatment is largely free of any pain and discomfort. The skin care expert may use a topical anesthetic cream to ensure the patient remains comfortable during the treatment. Most patients can achieve their desired aesthetic goals with multiple treatments. The number of treatments that a patient may need depend on the hair color, hair density, and the cycle and pattern of hair growth.


The long-term effectiveness of laser hair removal treatment has made it a treatment of choice for many people in the U.S. The outcome is not only long lasting, but also aesthetically superior in comparison to traditional hair removal techniques. One of the downsides of traditional solutions is that the patient is required to repeat them often to maintain the results. This can have an impact on the skin over a prolonged period of time. Such concerns are avoided in case of laser hair removal treatment.

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