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Is Your Skin Ready for The Holidays?

The holiday season is just around the bend, and with it comes plenty of opportunities for celebrating and socializing. How are you preparing for your upcoming holiday parties? Perhaps you are finding yummy new recipes or taking stock of decorations for the house. Those are noble pursuits — as long as you make time for yourself as well.

You want to look your best as you greet family, friends, and co-workers—some who possibly haven’t seen you in a while. So amid all of your preparations, why not prep your skin?

Zimmet Vein & Dermatology offers a line of facial peels that reveals fresh, radiant skin for almost all ages and skin types.

Women ages 25-69 can benefit from our SkinCeuticals Micropeel treatment. This treatment involves effective exfoliation, a thin layer of solution that boosts collagen production, and freezing technique that reduces pore size and smoothes skin texture.

Struggle with acne? The SkinCeuticals Micropeel Plus treatment may be the refresher for you. This streamlined treatment will address oily skin, even out rough patches or blotches, and help prevent future breakouts.

The Signature ZPeel is known around the office as a “party polisher”. This peel activates cell turnover using a blend of vitamins and natural acids. Walk away with a polished, radiant look.

We look forward to helping you look your very best as we enter this year’s holiday season. Contact Austin’s favorite dermatologist today to schedule your appointment.

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