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Improving the Effectiveness of Neurotoxins Use for Aesthetic Enhancement

Austin, TX Cosmetic Dermatologist | Improving Botox® , Dysport, XeominNew opportunities in anti-aging injectable treatments are arising with a number of advanced neurotoxins approved for cosmetic use by the FDA. Skin care experts are now able to achieve subtle effects with these treatments that help a patient appear naturally younger and rejuvenated, rather than present a ‘frozen’ face. According to Seth L. Matarasso, MD, clinical professor of dermatology at the University of California, School of Medicine in San Francisco, with three FDA approved injectable toxins, the opportunities in aesthetic enhancement have multiplied.

For people who wish to achieve a more youthful looking face without surgery, this is the most exciting time. A growing number of patients are seeking new skin care treatments, with inspiration coming from positive testimonials of other patients. A recent survey by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery showed that dermatologic surgeons performed 1.49 million neuro-modulation procedures in 2012, which is nearly a 25 percent jump over the previous year.

Choosing the Right Treatment Provider

The most popular injectable neurotoxins in use today are Botox® , Dysport, and Xeomin. Leading experts in dermatology say that each of these treatment options can be equally effective. In most cases, it comes down to the personal preference of the patient and the treatment provider. Many patients choose Botox® over other options simply because they have used it in the past, and they are happy to continue with the same treatment.

Experts suggest that the key to successful outcomes with neurotoxins lies with the treatment provider. Amazing results can be achieved with Botox® , Dysport, or Xeomin alike, and things can go wrong either any of them if the provider makes a mistake. Therefore, it is crucial to choose a qualified and experienced skin care expert with a proven track record of success with these injectable treatments.

Expansion of Off-label Treatments

The advantage of opting for an experienced treatment provider or dermatologist is that it may be possible to receive effective treatment even in off-label areas. Skilled providers are able to address the aesthetic concerns of patients with regard to various areas of the face and body with injectable neurotoxins. The versatile usage of these toxins is a game-changer in aesthetic medicine.

Experienced providers are not just confined to treatments to reduce the effect of facial lines and wrinkles. They are able to enhance the overall appearance and shape of the face to minimize the impact of aging. Apart from off-label areas on the face, these toxins are also used for improving the appearance of the neck and chest.

Topical Anti-aging Solutions

While the injectable toxins continue to remain a most widely used non-surgical anti-aging treatment, skin care experts are looking forward to the development of topical anti-aging agents. These topical gels or creams may be used in combination with the injections to achieve more effective outcomes.

Development of Botulinum toxin Type A topical gel and other topical anti-aging agents is currently underway. Another innovative treatment called “cryomodulation” is under development, which will not involve chemicals and yet deliver the same cosmetic results as the injectable neurotoxins.

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