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Illegal Online Drug Distributors Scam Customers

According to a recent survey, about 1 in 6 Americans have purchased medicine online without a prescription from illegal online drug sellers. Usually the sites advertise low prices on diet pills, sleep aids or stimulants. Although some certified, legitimate online pharmacies do exist, an alarming number of people are receiving mislabeled or counterfeit prescription medication.

Additionally, several of these illegitimate websites have begun scamming customers by posing as the Drug Enforcement Agency shortly after customers purchase the medication. The businesses will encourage customers to pay a “fine” to avoid arrest for purchasing pills without a prescription. Multiple buyers have been scammed into wiring money to an illegitimate “pharmacy” service.

Taking drugs that haven’t been prescribed to you can lead to overdose, heart failure, allergic reactions, drug abuse, adverse drug interactions, and a host of other negative side effects. Dr. Zimmet encourages his patients to only take drugs that are FDA-approved and prescribed by a qualified and informed physician. For more information, contact Zimmet Skin and Vein today.

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