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I will never go without sunscreen again.

Taken with iPhone, day 7.

It’s Day 7 and I am going about my normal activities. So far, no one has pointed and/or gasped. Without the ointment now my face feels tight and very, very smooth. Still a tiny bit of peeling and the one bruise over my right eyebrow still slightly visible. I’m obsessed with being covered with sunscreen, and yet still, for the few minutes I’m in really intense sun walking to my car between meetings, I’m paranoid about my tender new skin. I put on sunscreen at 6:30 in the morning to walk the dog–that’s new. I’m carrying sunscreen in my car in case I need to re-apply, or ever forget to put it on in the first place (unlikely).

I’ve gotten used to my new skin-care routine, which is to wash with Cetaphil, put on a layer of the Skinceuticals Epidermal Repair lotion, followed by a layer of Cetaphil lotion, followed by Skinceuticals SPF 30 sunscreen, followed by makeup. It requires some patience–waiting for a few minutes between the Epidermal Repair and the lotion, and then another few minutes before the sunscreen, and then ANOTHER few minutes before putting on foundation, works the best.

Here’s a picture of me on Day 7 before putting makeup on (and complete with still-greasy hair, from the ointment). You can see that there’s still some pink around my chin.

I have spent a LOT of time looking at my face in the mirror over the past seven days, and there has been a lot of change over that time. I need to remember to take pictures every couple of weeks, or month, to track the changes that will continue to happen as new collagen continues to form. That’s one of the coolest things about this procedure–that the changes continue over time (up to a year, Dr. Zimmet says).  I have gotten some very nice compliments from people who know that I’ve done this (still a small group).

I will post again in a couple of weeks and gauge my progress then. In the meantime, thank you for coming along on all or part of this journey with me.

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