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How To Choose Natural Skin Care Products

Natural and organic skin care products have become wildly popular over the past few years. As consumers learn that it doesn’t take a ton of perfumes and alcohols to make your skin feel great, they lean more towards labels that say “100% natural” or “certified organic.” The problem with these labels, however, is they’re not always true- there’s no regulation of the terms and manufacturers can label their brands however they want, even if it’s untrue. So, how do you make sure the product you’re getting is truly good for your skin? It’s as simple as looking a little harder and doing a bit of research.

Most labels that say “natural” really mean that their scents are “naturally inspired,” so really it just smells like nature- but isn’t from nature. Look for “all natural” labels as opposed to just buzzwords. You should also avoid products advertising their scents altogether. Fragrance really gives the skin no benefit and can be harsh and irritating.

Make sure you’re reading the labels. And not just what’s on the front, but what’s in the ingredients on the back. Sometimes an “organic” label is used when only one ingredient is truly organic. Make sure there’s ingredients listed like aloe vera, carotene, mint, oatmeal, biotin, and other natural materials. If there’s anything with words like “sulfate” or “alcohol,” it’s probably not organic. Research any ingredients you find that you don’t recognize.

A little brand research goes a long way! Before buying, look up brand you’re thinking about and see what their values and ingredients are. You can learn a lot about a company by combing through their sites and reading product reviews from other buyers.

The USDA seal of approval is another thing to watch out for. Products that have undergone inspection to be certified organic will have this seal, This means the product has been tested and meets the USDA’s safety standards.

By simply paying attention to what you’re buying, you can help weed out the fakes, and find a truly natural product that will keep your skin looking young and healthy.

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