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Endymed™ 3Deep in Austin

In the past, skin-tightening options designed to deliver a smoother, youthful look were limited to potentially painful surgical procedures.  More recently, other options were designed using noninvasive vacuum, massage, or heating treatments.  Born of the desire for a more lasting result with little or no pain, ENDYMED™’s 3Deep Body Skin Tightening procedure was created.

Using radio frequency energy, experienced professionals like Dr. Zimmet heat the deep layers of your skin, causing the skin-tightening growth of collagen.  The heat produced is focused to the sub-dermal layers of your skin, while the top, epidermis layer, is kept cooler to reduce pain.  Typically, patients experience immediate results.  Most are able to return to daily activities right after they leave the office.  With the relative ease and painlessness of treatment you can even consider making an appointment during your lunch break.

With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Zimmet is truly a leader in his field.  A member of various professional organizations including the American Academy of Dermatology Leadership Circle and the American College of Phlebology, he was recognized by his peers and included among the Best Doctors in America 2001-2012 Database.

Whether you’re in Austin, San Antonio, or the surrounding areas, you owe it to yourself to give our office a call.  Dr. Zimmet is an experienced specialist who can help you regain your confidence with an ENDYMED™ 3Deep Body Skin Tightening Treatment session.

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