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Dr. Zimmet Featured on!

Did you know our very own Dr. Zimmet was recently featured on the wildly popular website The award-winning online magazine caters to all-things-woman regarding health, beauty, parenting, relationships and more. Dr. Z was asked by the beauty editors to share “Secrets to More Youthful Skin”, and he delivered!

Don’t have time to read the full article? Check out our recap below:

We all know that as our skin ages, the supple, smooth quality it had when we were children seems to diminish. Here are some tips to slow down that process:

  1. Protect Yourself from the Sun – One of the best ways to retain collagen is to protect skin from harmful UV rays. Sun exposure accounts for about 80% of your skin’s signs of aging, so apply sunscreen, wear wide-brimmed hats and protective clothing.
  2. Stay Away from Tanning Beds – You might not get a sunburn, but your skin is still deeply damaged by the UVA rays. The tan is not worth the havoc wreaked on your skin.
  3. Eat well – Choosing antioxidant-rich foods like fruits and vegetables can significantly boost your skin’s ability to retain and create new collagen.
  4. Quit Smoking – No surprise here: according to Dr. Zimmet, smoking “contributes to collagen degradation.” Resolve to stop smoking asap.
  5. Apply a Topical Antioxidant – Find creams or serums containing antioxidant ingredients like vitamins C or E to reduce the damage caused by the sun’s rays.
  6. Use Retinoids – Restore needed collagen with retinoids. “There is probably more evidence that these are effective at reducing signs of aging than any other ‘anti-aging’ cream,” says Dr. Z.
  7. Consider Botox® – Help preserve the collagen you already have with this popular and effective injectable.
  8. Get Ultherapy® – Tap into the power of sound with ultherapy, which uses high intensity ultrasound to boost new collagen production. It’s sometimes referred to as the “non-surgical facelift.”
  9. Look into Radiofrequency – Another non-surgical treatment for more youthful skin,  radiofrequency tightens collagen proteins and stimulates new collagen formation.
  10. Try Fractional Laser Resurfacing – This laser treatment not only tightens skin and boosts collagen production, but reduces acne scars, fine lines and discoloration.

Want to know more about how to get back that youthful glow? Call us, or read more about the skin treatments we offer. Here’s to your beautiful skin!

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