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Dr. Z Featured on HealthTap!

We’re not trying to toot our own horn, but we’re pretty excited and proud of Dr. Zimmet’s recent recognition as a Featured Writer on HealthTap, one of the world’s largest interactive online health networks. You can read part of the email below:


This participation in HealthTap is just the latest example of Dr. Zimmet’s commitment to health awareness and education.

About HealthTap

One of the biggest categories on the Internet is that of health. In fact, Google returns results for over 1.4 billion health-related searches per month. What this means is that more and more people are looking for reliable answers to their health and medical questions.

The problem is that reliable information is difficult to find–or it is so general that it isn’t truly helpful. HealthTap was created to deliver detailed, relevant and credible answers to those who need it. As one doctor put it, HealthTap “allows patients to cut through the clutter of Internet health information.”

The use of the site is always free, and allows members to connect with doctors across practically any field. Members simply ask their questions about health and wellness and receive any number of responses from medical professionals.

The beauty of it is that HealthTap encourages various physicians to answer the same question posed by the user– which provides a diversity of medical opinion, but also reveals where there is consensus. Doctors are even able to rate each other’s answers and express their agreement. The user/member benefits by essentially getting a second opinion (or third or fourth or tenth!) for free.

Here is an example of a question that Dr. Zimmet answered recently:


The content is organized by category and is constantly updated as more and more physicians weigh in on users’ most pressing health questions and concerns.

Again, we are so excited about Dr. Zimmet’s contributions to this cutting-edge network, and hope you will stop by HealthTap to say hello, or even better — to ask your question!

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