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Derma Fillers for Lip Enhancement

Derma Fillers for Lip Enhancement
Derma Fillers for Lip Enhancement

When one has plump and full lips, it is regarded as a symptom of a person being in good health. You may have been born with thin lips or it may so happen that your lips are getting thinner due to the aging process, which is a natural phenomena. If you have either of these issues, you should stop worrying as there are several scientific ways of enhancing them. Applying lip injections using either synthetic or natural fillers can make your lips look for several months at a stretch.

Lip augmentation

A cosmetic surgery can give you plumper and fuller lips and the procedure is popularly known as lip augmentation. Presently, dermal filler is injected to accomplish this task and is the most popular method of lip augmentation procedure. There are several kinds of dermal fillers that may be injected either around your mouth or in your lips. However the most common fillers that are used now-a-days for lip enhancement are all such products that constitute of ingredients similar to hyaluronic acid. This acid is a natural substance that is located inside the human body. Hyaluronic acid enables enhancing volume in one’s lips. Thus, this type of dermal filler is also referred to as “Hyaluronic acid fillers”.
Collagen was the most widely used dermal filler earlier and is still in use today. However, as technology has advanced, newer options are now available in the market whose effects last for a longer duration. Though implants and fat injections are other methodologies to enhance lips but their uses have come down now as the results may vary from person to person and there is a higher risk of side effects. Of course a medical practitioner will always be the best person to recommend the method that is best for you to enhance your lips.
Since a very long time, sensual and full lips are regarded as an aesthetic ideality. Lip augmentation with dermal fillers can plump up your lips and thus enhance the appearance of your entire face. Women, who have thin lips can particularly benefit from enhancing their lips. After completion of a lip augmentation procedure, the recovery time is relatively short thus making lip enhancement procedure as one of the simplest ways to make your face look extremely appealing.

Benefits of lip enhancement

Enhancing your lips using derma fillers can ensure that you possess plump and youthful looking lips. These techniques are particularly effective for all those women who have either naturally thin or thinning lips. Here is a look at some of the benefits of lip enhancement.
• Your thinning lips will appear fuller.
• Give a youthful looking appearance to aging lips.
• Can help in turning the corners of a woman’s mouth upwards.
• Add definition to smile

So if you are planning to go for lip enhancement using derma fillers, make sure that you are consulting an experienced and reputed dermatologist so that you know that you are in complete safe hands and have nothing to worry.
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