Pre-op info – Fractionated Laser Resurfacing

Dr. Zimmet called me on Friday to discuss the pre-op instructions, and I took these notes.

“Basically, I wanted to tell you what to expect on the day of your appointment. And there are a couple of medications we might want you to take. We prescribe Valtrex to everyone whether or not you have a history of fever blisters, as a precaution; and a painkiller in case you have trouble sleeping the first night. You come in an hour before your appointment, we take some photos, you’ll review the consent form, and we’ll apply a topical anesthetic. After 30 minutes we’ll administer a local anesthetic nerve block and, if you’d like, we can give you a Xanax.” (Yes, please!) “If you do elect to take the Xanax we’d want someone to drive you home.”

Dr. Zimmet went on to explain that the treatment would take about 30 minutes, and that there would be “a heat sensation but it will be tolerable. There will be cold air blowing on you during the treatment. During the procedure, it mostly just feels hot. Each pulse is fairly quick. We’ll go over the exact skin care instructions with you prior to the procedure, and give you a written copy.

“Following the treatment the esthetician and nurse will apply a healing ointment to your skin before you leave. You will have a sunburn/heat sensation for a few hours. It shouldn’t hurt; if it hurts you should call me. It will be a little messy because of the ointment, you may have some itching, and your face will be red and you may have swelling for a few days. It’s important that you tell those who will be seeing you at home what to expect.”

Tuesday is the day, and I think I’m ready.

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