Four days before my Fractionated Laser Resurfacing

Thursday, July 22

Four days away and have to admit, I’m getting a bit nervous. Will it hurt? Will I be totally grossed out by what I look like? Will I look OK when I finally do venture out on the sixth day after the procedure? It has been challenging to keep all meetings and social activities off my calendar for five days without disclosing why. I made the mistake of telling a couple of people that I was going out of town. It just seemed easier than coming up with another excuse for people I didn’t want to tell. Now I’m worried that I won’t remember who I said that to, and that I’ll slip up later. “What a tangled web we weave . . . “ Also, as I’m pretty active on social media and it’s conceivable that they could wonder where my vacation pictures are. OK, that’s probably going too far with the worrying.

As I only have three days after today, I need to make my list of everything to do before I’m shut in. Groceries, of course. Movies. I have tons of books. I’ve also thought about a couple of productive projects I might get done during the post-op, such as re-writing some of the copy for my website. I’ve gotten more and more interested in raw food, and thought I might go totally raw for the five days I’ll be home as another fun project. After perusing my two new raw cookbooks I think that was a little too ambitious, but I am planning on trying some of the recipes. Predictably the desserts sound the most delicious but there are some other things that don’t sound too complex and don’t require a dehydrator, mandolin, or juicer, none of which I have. I sometimes get all carried away with new projects; buy cookbooks and ingredients and then move on to something else. I have a pantry full of chickpea flour, red and yellow lentils and Indian spices from the vegetarian Indian phase I was in after getting a wonderful cookbook for Christmas. The raw food project could get quite expensive if I bought any of the equipment. I think the Vita-Mix blender that aficionados prefer is at least $300. Anyway, eating raw food during the post-op would go with the whole health and beauty theme of having the laser FX done. I definitely believe that beauty starts with good health, including nutrition. And lots of water. Which I’m pretty terrible at. I saw somewhere that a doctor recommended 100 ounces of water a day in the Texas summer. Maybe I should try that too . . .

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