Laser Hair Removal Benefits

Hair removal is one of the most frequently sought after cosmetic treatments. When people opt for hair removal, they either want to get rid of the excessive hair growth on some parts of the body or simply because they like

Venous Disease Care: Improving Training Paradigms

How to ensure that physicians receive comprehensive training in venous and lymphatic disorders. By Steven E. Zimmet, MD, and Anthony J. Comerota, MD VIEW ARTICLE WITH IMAGES (PDF) The major vein societies in the world share a common mission to

You can stop biting your nails [VIDEO]

Nail biting can affect more than the appearance of your nails. Chronic nail biting can lead to sore skin around the nails and more serious problems. With a bit of determination and some practical advice from dermatologists, it’s possible to

Veterans of Iraq, Afghanistan may have high skin cancer risk

If you served in Iraq or Afghanistan, you may want to see a dermatologist to find out how often you should have a skin cancer exam. Researchers have found that veterans deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan often spent 4 or

CDC: Incidence Of Melanoma Has Doubled In The US In The Last 30 Years

Los Angeles Times Reports The Los Angeles Times (6/3, Kaplan) “Science Now” blog reports that “the incidence of melanoma…has doubled in the U.S. in the last 30 years and is on track to remain high unless Americans take more precautions to protect

Austin Dermatology Medical Center by Dr. Zimmet

Austin Texas Dermatology Zimmet Vein & Dermatology is a state of the art medical center offering fantastic, stellar, and marvelous skin care and aesthetic treatments. Each individual’s skin type may vary and their aesthetic needs may be unique. Therefore, a customized treatment

Ultherapy Featured on The Doctor’s TV Show

Ultherapy is the first non surgical procedure to use focused ultrasound for skin lifting, skin firming, and skin tightening on the face and neck. Not an injection… not a laser… the FDA-approved Ulthera System utilizes ultrasound technology to first visualize then

Dr. Zimmet to Speak at the Annual Congress on Phlebology in Australia

Dr. Steven Zimmet is one of three foreign specialist invited to speak at the Australasian College of Phlebology’s 17th Annual Congress in Noosa, Australia.  He will be leading the conference off with a  keynote speech, 3 additional talks and then chairs on

New Study: Eat More Carrots for a Sun Tan

Eating Lots of Fruits and Vegetables = Attractive Glow According to a new study, a much healthier and attractive glow can be achieved by eating lots of fruits and vegetables, instead of sun tanning. Two primary ways in which skin

Pop Up Deal! Body Contouring, Peels, Sclero, Ultherapy & Hair Removal

SUMMER POP UP SPECIALS Valid on treatments purchases 7/29 through 8/8 BODY CONTOURING Get rid of unwanted pockets of fat Liposonix – 20% OFF CoolSculpting Special – Call for Pricing SALICYLIC PEELS Improves texture and tone, reduces fine lines – ideal for

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