Fractional Resurfacing for Acne Scar Treatment

Fractional laser skin resurfacing is a highly effective and less aggressive skin care procedure aimed at rejuvenating the skin and getting rid of imperfections such as certain types of acne scars. The fractional technique involves the use of a range

Dermal Fillers for Acne Scar Treatment

Many acne patients suffer from a wide variation of acne scarring. Some of the common types of acne scars include ice pick scars, rolling scars, boxcar scars, hypertonic scars, and keloid scars. Various non-surgical skin care procedures are available today

Microdermabrasion for Acne Scar Treatment

Aging and other factors can create a build-up of dead cells in the top layers of the skin, leading to a dull complexion, and uneven skin texture. The skin appears coarser and the facial wrinkles and fine lines become more

Precancer Skin Cell Treatments – Actinic Keratoses (AK)

UVA and UVB rays of the sun can cause harm to the skin if the sun exposure occurs over repeatedly and over a long time period. One of the skin disorders that may occur in this situation is the Actinic

Spider Vein Treatment Risks and Safety

Sclerotherapy is a safe, practiced, and effective skin care procedure to treat spider veins. The procedure has been around for nearly a century, and has evolved over time with advancing techniques and technology. However, the decision to undergo spider vein

Spider Vein Procedure Steps

Spider veins are a common problem, which can create an unsightly skin appearance in the affected area. Sclerotherapy is a time-tested and appropriate skin care procedure in most cases to treat spider veins. At the time of initial consultation, the

What is Photo Rejuvenation Skin Treatment used for?

Advanced photo rejuvenation skin care procedures have become an integral part of modern cosmetic dermatology. These treatments are particularly effective for enhancing the appearance of the face, neck, hands, arms, and chest. Photo rejuvenation skin treatment is particularly helpful in

Univadis: New Study Links Coffee Consumption to Decreased Risk of Colorectal Cancer

The data showed that even moderate coffee consumption (1–2 servings per day) was associated with a 26% reduction in the odds of developing colorectal cancer after adjusting for known risk factors. Moreover, the risk of developing colorectal cancer continued to

“Do What is Best For Your Patient”

Dr. Zimmet was quoted in this new article “BEAUTY BUSINESS ADVICE FOR BEGINNERS FROM THE PROS” Earn Their Trust and Respect Winning clients is one thing, but keeping them coming back and earning their trust and respect is a challenge.

What is Electrolysis Hair Removal?

Electrolysis is a safe and time-tested skin care treatment for the removal of unwanted body hair with long-term results. Unsightly hair on the face, neck, arms, back, or bikini area can compromise a person’s aesthetic appearance. Waxing, tweezing, and shaving

Skin Vein