Guide to Looking Great in Your 30’s

Top 5 Facial Anti-aging Secrets A majority of women in their 30’s will start becoming more vulnerable to the aging effects and rigors of environment and sun exposure. This is the time to become more conscientious about a healthy skin

LED Light Therapy Facials – Austin, TX

Facial skin is highly sensitive, and should only be treated with proven and effective skin care procedures specifically designed to achieve safe and desirable outcomes for the face. Zimmet Vein & Dermatology is a premier practice providing cutting edge technologies

Laser Hair Removal Before and After Photos

Laser hair removal is considered to be the most effective and reliable skin care procedure to get rid of unwanted hair in any part of the body. During the initial consultation process, the treatment expert will discuss all aspects of

Non-Invasive Body Contouring Procedures

Almost everyone wants to have that dream figure, but the rigors of life take their toll on most people. Unsightly bulges may show up in certain areas of the body, which can become resistant to diet and exercise over time.

As Seen On Belly Fat Begone with UltraShape

“Stubborn belly fat” is just another random ad on Facebook—until it happens to you. Now I know firsthand what those ads are talking about. I just wanted to be able to close the buttons on my Frank & Eileen fitted

Type of Dermal Fillers

Any natural dermal filler is designed in a manner that can help in restoration of volume and skin’s fullness so that facial wrinkles and folds like nasolabial folds can be corrected. Nasolabial fold are lines to the mouth from the

Laser Hair Removal Cost

Laser hair removal is the most dependable and widely accepted cosmetic dermatology procedure designed to reduce unwanted hair from various parts of the body. During the initial laser hair removal skin care consultation, the treatment provider will discuss various aspects

New…Dr. Zimmet Now Offering UltraShape!

New…Dr. Zimmet Now Offering UltraShape! UltraShape is the first and only FDA cleared non-invasive device aimed at body shaping that involves the use of ultrasound technology. Pulsed, focused ultrasound waves mechanically and selectively destroy unwanted fat cells to achieve the

Larsa Pipen, former Real Housewives Star talks about her UltraShape treatment

UltraShape® NOW! FDA cleared for abdominal circumference reduction by mechanical disruption of fat cells Body Shaping via Fat Cell Destruction The UltraShape works by emitting acoustic waves of ultrasonic energy that converge into a confined focal volume targeting only subcutaneous

Electrolysis Hair Removal in Austin, TX

Electrolysis is a widely recognized and time-tested skin care procedure designed to remove unwanted hair from the face or other parts of the body. With advanced electrolysis devices, it is possible to destroy the actual growth centers of the hair

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