It’s Molecular: How Sunscreen Protects

We all know fewer sunburns mean less skin cancer. But how does that work exactly? A study to investigate the effect of sunlight on human skin has revealed that sunscreen protects on a molecular level. Study Researchers at Australia’s Queensland

Out Damn Spot! The Scourge of Granny Arms

It happens. One day, it hits you that you appear to be on track to have arms not unlike your grandmother’s. Those pesky aberrations she called “liver spots” appear to have commenced their creeping conquest on your once pristine flesh.

New Law Bans Tanning For Texas Minors

Among the many laws going into effect this month is one that focuses specifically on teens in an effort to significantly reduce the incidence of skin cancer. Prior to September 1, 2013 minors between the ages of 16 and 18

Eat Your Way to Better Skin

Everyone knows the easiest way to stay healthy is to eat right, because when you eat healthy, you look healthy. But did you know your diet can affect not just your general well-being, but your complexion, too? Your skin can

Protect Your Skin Against Daily Sun Damage

When it comes to protecting your skin against sun damage, the best offense is defense. Wearing sunscreen containing SPF 15 or higher every day has shown to prevent sun damage, which can result in premature aging. What does premature aging

Sun Poisoning: What it is and When to Treat

Any of us who have experienced a sunburn know that it’s no party, but for those who are unfortunate enough to get sun poisoning after a day outside know that it can get worse. Sun poisoning is the term used

Caring for a Sunburn

For those of us who have experienced a sunburn before, we know it’s no party. Sunburns can be painful, detrimental to your health and your skin’s health, and sometimes may even require medical attention. If you’ve been out in the

Wrinkles- Causes & Prevention

We all begin to see changes as we age, and one of the many annoying facts of life is that wrinkles happen- they’re a normal part of aging, due to the skin’s inner layer, the dermis, thinning and causing skin’s

Tips For Living With Dry Skin

For those of us born with dry skin, it can feel at times to be both a curse and a blessing — while those with dry skin rarely have acne-related problems, a whole new array of skin issues can arise

How “Giving Thanks” Can Fight Sun Damage

This Thanksgiving, make your food work for you. As you plan your feast, why not try to incorporate foods that have proven to protect and possibly repair skin from sun damage? Numerous trials have concluded that foods rich in antioxidants

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