Bedbugs: Diagnosis, Treatment, and Outcome

Bedbug bites can result in itchy welts on the skin, and cause discomfort and anxiety to a person. Bedbug bites must not be confused with common skin conditions such as itchy rashes, and appropriate skin care should be sought. Bedbug

Dr. Zimmet Offers Triple Protection for Your Skin

Zimmet Vein & Dermatology is a well-known practice in Austin, TX, led by eminent cosmetic dermatologist and vein specialist, Dr. Steven Zimmet. Dr. Zimmet and his team are committed to providing state of the art procedures and products for skin

Photodynamic Therapy Vs. Cryotherapy For Skin Cancer

PDT is Better to Clear Actinic Keratoses (Skin Cancer) Photodynamic therapy (PDT) appears to better clear actinic keratoses (AK) at three months after treatment than cryotherapy, says a meta-analysis. In the meta-analysis involving 4 studies and 641 patients having 2174

Laser Hair Removal Treatments

Shaving, tweezing, waxing; there are many different ways to remove unwanted hair from your body, but all of these suffer from the same shortcoming; the hair grown back. If you are tired of such temporary solutions, a permanent route you

Dr. Steven Zimmet Offers Complimentary Removal of Radiation Tattoos

Dr. Steven Zimmet is an internationally regarded dermatologist, based in Austin, Texas, providing a wide range of vein, cosmetic, and medical dermatology procedures. In addition to his private practice, Dr. Zimmet and his team also participate in various local philanthropic

Summer Fun: Botox, COOLSclero, Ultherapy Body Contouring & 15% Off Products

All specials below are only valid on treatments and products purchased 7/23 – 7/25. HAIR REMOVAL – Free! Custom Hair Removal Treatment for Free! One treatment included with purchase any treatment special below (applies to underarms or lower face only) Schedule a consult with

Chemical Peels Overview

Modern life is stressful, and one of the first places where the stress shows up is your face. Combined with the rising pollution, this stress leads to dull, lifeless skin that makes you look older than your age and is

Six Key Points to Ensure an Effective Skin Cancer Check

Melanoma is the 3rd most common form of skin cancer, but it is the most dangerous. If ignored, it can spread and pose serious danger, but if caught early, the patient may need nothing more than an outpatient or in-office

Give Dad a Chiseled Chin for Father’s Day!

This Father’s Day, skip the necktie and give Dad an Ultherapy® treatment to help keep him looking his best! One treatment can lift and tighten skin on the neck and under the chin, so Dad can get back that chiseled look from his younger years! Contact

Harper’s Bazaar, Laura Brown, touts Ultherapy Skin Tightening Treatment in the New Beauty Issue

Executive Editor of Harper’s Bazaar, Laura Brown, unveils the magazine’s “Beauty Issue” and touts Ultherapy as the one “must do” treatment to stop your neck from falling. Click here to learn more about Ultherapy or call us at (512) 485-7700

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