Dr. Zimmet Invited to the Sedona Days Vein Conference

The invitation only annual Sedona Days Vein Conference is held each April in Carefree, Arizona, organized by Nick Morrison MD and sponsored by an unconditional educational grant from MediUSA. This unique medical conference is structured after a similar conference held

Overview of Dr. Steven Zimmet’s Austin Dermatology Practice

Austin Dermatologist Dr. Steven Zimmet, with more than three decades of experience as a dermatologist, provides state of the art skin care solutions to patients in and around Austin, TX. He makes use of advanced laser techniques to achieve safe,

Don’t Forget Your Flu Shot

It’s Not Too Late to Get Your Flu Shot It’s still not too late to get your flu shot, with flu season typically peaking between January and March. Vaccination ideally should occur before flu is circulating widely, but as long

Varicose and Spider Veins Mythbusters

Myth: Varicose veins are the same as spider veins. Busted: Both varicose veins and spider veins are characterized by dilated blood vessels and malfunctioning valves inside of veins, leading to blood back-flow. However, spider veins are thinner visible blood vessels

Dr. Zimmet Invited to Join HealthTap Medical Community

We are proud to announce that Dr. Zimmet has received an exclusive invitation to join the medical team of experts at HealthTap. Through his work with HealthTap, he will help individuals make more informed decisions about their health, connect with

Compounded Sclerosants Not Approved by FDA May Cause Health Issues

Sclerotherapy, or the injection of a sclerosant into a vein in order to close it and make it dissolve, is an effective way to treat spider and varicose veins. However, not all sclerosants are created equal. There are two excellent

Young Body, Old Hands- Exploring Endovenous Laser Treatment vs. Sclerotherapy

Celebrities in their forties, fifties or sixties can spend thousands of dollars on over the counter creams and plastic surgery.

Screening for breast cancer

This is a well done TED talk on innovation and politics in breast cancer screening. It’s a bit long, but worth watching.

Dr. Zimmet elected by peers as one of the Best Doctors in America 2011-2012

We are proud to announce that Best Doctors® has informed Dr Zimmet that he has been elected by his peers for inclusion in Best Doctors in America® from 2011 to 2012 in dermatology/phlebology. Best Doctors, based in Boston, Massachusetts, was founded in 1989

Warning Signs of Leg Vein Disease

About 1 in 3 adult Americans have some form of leg vein disease. Although these may be of just cosmetic concern, many people suffer significant symptoms that impact their daily quality of life. Even many physicians are unaware of the

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