Electrolysis Hair Removal in Austin, TX

Electrolysis is a widely recognized and time-tested skin care procedure designed to remove unwanted hair from the face or other parts of the body. With advanced electrolysis devices, it is possible to destroy the actual growth centers of the hair

American Men and Women Spend Over $12B on Cosmetic Procedures in 2014

American Men and Women Spend Over $12B on Cosmetic Procedures in 2014: ASAPS Report In the last two decades, innovations in the field of aesthetic surgical and non-surgical procedures have led to a significant rise in their popularity among both

Preference Grows for Minimally Invasive Aesthetic Procedures: ASPS Report

Preference Grows for Minimally Invasive Aesthetic Procedures: ASPS Report Medical advancements in the area of cosmetic surgery and dermatology have led to an increasing number of men and women in the US seeking these procedures. Particularly, the growth in non-surgical

Your Austin TX Laser Tattoo Removal Dermatology Medical Spa

Laser Tattoo Removal  Getting a mysterious tattoo may have been fun at college, but when you grow older it becomes one of those embarrassing things you want to hide. Got a tattoo that you want to remove but are delaying

Ultherapy Receives FDA Clearance for Decolletage Anti-Wrinkle Treatment [VIDEO]

Ulthera, Inc., an international medical device company that produces the ultrasound platform device Ulthera System, has received FDA clearance for this technology for the treatment of lines and wrinkles of the décolleté. This makes Ulthera System, the company’s signature aesthetics

Overview of Dr. Steven Zimmet’s Austin Dermatology Practice

Austin Dermatologist Dr. Steven Zimmet, with more than three decades of experience as a dermatologist, provides state of the art skin care solutions to patients in and around Austin, TX. He makes use of advanced laser techniques to achieve safe,

Do you have KP?

You may be suffering from Keratosis pilaris and don’t realize it. This skin condition is predicted to affect between 50-80% of young adults, and is more common in women than men. Do you have patches of small, acne-like bumps on

Waxing, Threading or Tweezing: What Works Best?

Some of us are born with perfect eyebrows. The rest of us just aren’t so lucky. When it comes to the art of shaping our brows, not all of us can hold a tweezer steady or are comfortable with hot

Chemical Peels: What You Should Know

During a chemical peel, a chemical solution is applied to skin, causing it to “blister” and then eventually peel off, leaving the skin underneath typically smoother and less wrinkled. The result afterwards is typical to that of a sunburn: minor

Lash and Brown Tinting- Is it Right for You?

For those of us with lighter, blonder eyelashes and eyebrows, the trend of lash and brow tinting is tantalizing- to be able to wake up with dark, defined eyelashes is a privilege we’ve never known. But, is tinting right for

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