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Caring For Oily Skin

Those who suffer from excessive oily skin can see a world of problems- acne, clogged pores, blemishes- that those of us with combination or dry skin may never see. While these problems can be irritating, or sometimes even painful, with careful cleansing and lifestyle adjustments, they can be easily treated and managed at home. Oily skin is capable of being transformed into healthy, hydrated skin, without the extra baggage.

Our skin naturally secretes oils to protect and rejuvenate it daily, especially overnight. This is why your face may feel grimy when you first wake up in the morning. Oils are a good thing for skin, but when skin secretes more oil than needed, serious problems may occur. With simple at-home solutions and recognition of problems, these oily issues can be managed.

1) Cleanse & Tone: Even with oily skin, a daily cleansing routine is necessary. Use a pH balanced and slightly acidic cleanser on the skin morning and night to wash away unwanted oils and keep the skin fresh. Do not use scrubbing cleansers, as these actually promote more oil production. Also use a toner morning and night after washing and before moisturizing. Be sure to use one free of alcohol or acetone, as those dry out skin and trigger oil production as well. But, toners used well and daily will help prevent excess oil from occurring.

2) Moisturize: This may seem irrelevant to those with oily skin- why add more moisture when you produce plenty yourself? In fact, oil and moisture are two very different things-and your oily skin still needs it. Using a light, oil-free moisturizer after washing and toning, day and night, will hydrate your skin, since skin can still crave hydration when oil is being produced. The amount of moisturizer used will vary depending on just how oily your skin is.

3) Use a Mask: Clay and other masks help circulation of the skin and refine pores. Using a mask once a week will help remove dead skin cells as well as tighten up pores to minimize the appearance of acne or blemishes. Overuse of these masks can defeat the purpose, so be sure to only use them up to once a week.

4) Be Consistent: Make sure you perform your daily regimen, morning and night, without skipping a beat. Cleansing, toning, and moisturizing are key to keeping skin’s pH balanced and preventing breakouts. Even just one night sleeping in your makeup or without using toner can lead to a whole new breakout. Prevention is key to healthy skin, so take a bag with you if you’re staying somewhere else for the night and keep up with your regime.

5) Use Oil-Free Sunscreen: Sunscreen is important for everyone, oily skin included. Though usually our faces feel incredibly shiny and oily after using sunscreen, oil-free ones do exist. Use them on oily skin daily to prevent sun damage. The oil-free label is important, otherwise you can easily clog your pores.

6) Try Blotting Papers: Even with upkeep, oily skin can still have its moments. Oil-absorbing products such as blotting paper are easy, on-the-go ways to get excess oil off your skin. Powder SPF is also a good product for soaking up excess oil that comes up throughout the day.

With these simple tips, the nightmare that can be oily skin is over. It may seem like an uphill battle with acne and blemishes, but by taking preventative steps to produce only good oils, the battle can be won.

If you’re having skin trouble and need to consult a dermatologist, Zimmet Vein & Dermatology offers a variety of skin and vein treatments, including acne treatments and rosacea solutions. Contacts us today to schedule an appointment.

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