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Austin TX Botox®  Injectables Medical Spa | DermatologistBesides body aches and loss of vision clarity, old age heralds its advancement on you by showing visible signs like sagging skin, wrinkles and graying hair. While most signs of aging can be reduced by using inexpensive measures, wrinkles on the forehead and crowfeet along with laugh lines around the mouth and chin cannot be hidden under layers of makeup or other skincare treatments. This is where Botox® comes to your rescue and removes ugly wrinkles and sagging facial skin to restore youthful look.

How can the treatment from a dermatologist help you? 

Dermatologists suggest Botox® treatments before formations of wrinkles as then you can prevent fine lines from appearing on facial skin. Varied Botox® treatments are used by dermatologists depending on the age of a patient and their skin condition. If the Austin, Texas patient coming in for treatment is above 60 years, their nerves would be too weak for the Botox® to have any effect.

Botox® treatment minimizes muscle movement below the skin in temple area of forehead and areas around your eyes and mouth. An experienced dermatologist like Dr. Steven Zimmet knows which type of Botox® can be applied for varied sections of the face for smoothing lines and reducing wrinkles. As an experienced cosmetic surgeon in the procedure he knows which Botox® treatments will give the desired effect.

The Botox® serum has to be injected into the neuromuscular juncture of facial muscles to paralyze the movement of muscles which expand and contract leading to wrinkles and lines. Only a qualified dermatologist can identify exact muscles underlying wrinkles and also knows the exact quantity that will be required for each section.

Cost and after-care

Botox® treatment cost depends on your age, location of the clinic where the procedure is being done and the facial area where the protein has to be injected or the quantity of Botox® used. Administration of a unit of Botox® typically costs $10 – $15 each and different sections of the face require 20-30 units on average leading to cost accumulation of $400 – $600.

If you are a regular customer, reputed dermatology clinics in Austin, Texas will offer you heavy discounts on further treatments. While some skin care clinics offer Botox® on “cost per area” which may work out to be cheaper than visiting a dermatologist, it can be a risky exercise as they will compromise on quality of product and will use less than required.

Avoid touching the injected area for 24 hours and let the skin heal by itself. You can use skin ointments with vitamin or arnica as advised by your doctor after 24 hours to heal the bruise. Normal skin care routine can be followed within a few days of taking Botox® treatment. To have flawless skin, Botox® treatment has to be repeated every three to four months and after a few years of treatment you can increase the gap between each procedure.

Botox® treatment can be used in patients as young as 30 years and upwards of 70 years to reduce degeneration of muscles with age. The popularity of Botox® has largely been due to its minimal invasive procedure and quick results. Moreover it is relatively painless and patient can resume normal work schedule within a couple of days. The properties of Botox® as a migraine neutralizer have also increased its popularity among men and women of different age groups.

If you would like to learn more about the procedures and treatments by Austin TX Cosmetic Dermatologist, Dr. Steven Zimmet, please contact us at (512) 485-7700.

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