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As Seen in the Miami Herald: Fat-melting treatment

Fat-melting treatment can work for some


In the past, liposuction was the only way to win the battle against stubborn fat, but that all changed when non-invasive fat-melting treatments began to hit the market a few years ago. Based on the data I’ve seen, UltraShape® and Liposonix appear to be the most effective, and both of these treatments permanently destroy fat cells that are resistant to a healthy diet and exercise.

UltraShape® requires a series of treatments and Liposonix works after just one. I’ve also found that combining the two yields the most dramatic results. Both of these treatments use ultrasound, which literally vibrates the fat cells until they burst. Then the body naturally expels the remains of the cells. Liposonix recently introduced a new treatment protocol, so although it was uncomfortable when it first came out, now it’s relatively painless.

One of my patients was willing to share her UltraShape® journey:

First treatment

The first order of business was determining whether I was a candidate for UltraShape®. Since I was able to pinch (more than) an inch on my stomach, I was! Then I had “before” pictures taken, was weighed and the circumference of my stomach was measured. To prepare for the treatment, surgical tape was used to smush all of my fat together, and stickers were placed around it so the machine would know where to target. Read more



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