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LED Light Therapy Facials

LED Light Therapy Facials: A Relaxing Way to Increase Collagen Production and Reduce Redness

LED light therapy facials harness the power of light to improve skin tone and boost collagen production. By using special light-emitting diodes (LED), LED light therapy invigorates and rejuvenates cells through a natural process that is both relaxing and enjoyable.

LED light therapy facials through Zimmet Vein & Dermatology are enhanced by the personalized skin analysis performed by our skilled, welcoming aestheticians working under the supervision of Dr. Steven E. Zimmet at his Austin, TX private practice. Far more than a simple one-time treatment, your aesthetician will analyze the condition of your skin and customize a treatment regimen designed to enhance the natural beauty and health of your individual skin type. The LED light therapy facial also includes a gentle facial massage, as well as a customized facial mask and a range of personalized skin care products to support and enhance your LED light-therapy treatment.

There are many benefits to LED light therapy:

  • All-natural process, stimulating the body’s natural regenerative resources
  • Boosts collagen production, leaving skin smoother, hydrated, and vibrant
  • Reduces the effects of aging
  • Promotes the reduction of acne and blemishes
  • Suitable for all skin types, including dry skin, acne-prone skin, and rosacea
  • No adverse effects

Your LED Light Therapy Facial Experience

Your LED light therapy facial is a relaxing experience and has no adverse effects or downtime. LED light therapy has been approved by the FDA as demonstrating no significant risks, and can be used by all patients, with the exception of those who are pregnant, epileptic, or have photo sensitivities.  A typical treatment can be performed in 30 minutes, so it is easy to fit into even the busiest schedule!

LED light therapy facials are a comprehensive skin treatment, involving several components. Your treatment will start with preliminary make-up removal and cleansing to establish your base-line skin. After that, a personal examination will help determine your skin type and individual needs. Your aesthetician will then develop a customized facial treatment, designed to produce optimal results and a smooth, hydrated complexion or a deep clean (depending on what your skin requires).

Following your individualized skin evaluation, a custom exfoliant is applied, designed to work with your personal skin type and lift away dead cells. A calming facial massage follows, including the clearing of clogged pores if necessary. This will leave you feeling thoroughly relaxed and comfortable, and will prepare your body to optimize its natural healing mechanisms.

With your face thoroughly prepared and completely relaxed, the LED light therapy will begin. The process is non-invasive— you simply relax while you at treated with the LED light, which stimulates collagen production and revitalizes aging skin.

The LED light therapy is followed by a customized facial mask, designed for your personal skin-care needs. A range of individualized skin care products will also be applied and recommended for longer-term use.

You will see an immediate improvement in your skin tone after the first treatment, finding the skin smoother, more hydrated and with a healthy, glowing complexion. However, for longer-lasting effects, a series of treatments is recommended.  This will continue to stimulate the body’s natural collagen production and produce younger-looking, healthier skin far into the future.

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Dr. Zimmet has over 20 years of experience performing skin-enhancement services, and recently received the honor of being named by his peers as one of the Best Doctors in America 2015-2016 for dermatology/phlebology.

If you would like additional information about the rejuvenating effects of LED light therapy treatments, please contact Zimmet Vein & Dermatology today at  (512) 485-7700. We look forward to speaking with you and to scheduling your appointment today!

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