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I have been receiving vein treatment from Dr. Steven Zimmet for the past thirteen years . During this period , Dr. Zimmet has tremendously reduced my bulging varicose veins & the excruciating pain that went along with them. Dr. Zimmet & his professional staff welcome you with complete understanding & complete compassion before , during , & after each visit. I cannot express enough what a wonderful doctor this person is , & his demeanor shows the up-most professionalism.

—Diane W. via Yelp

Not sure if this is the best way to contact Dr. Zimmet, but I just wanted to thank him! You saw me on such short notice and you took such good care of me, and now I’m all better and I love my new lips! Can’t thank you enough and never again will I see another doctor but you for these types of procedures and anything dermatology related! I have already told all of my friends to go see you too! Again, many, many thanks!!!

—Laura F.

Zimmet, as editor of the Phlebology Journal and as president of the American College of Phlebology has been a driving force in the advancement of the science and the practice of Phlebology. Patients the world over owe Dr. Zimmet a debt of gratitude for his contribution to the management of venous disorders.

—Louis Grondin via LinkedIn

I had my leg veins treated by Dr. Zimmet. Not only were my results excellent, my visits were always marked by only the greatest kindness and professionalism by Dr. Zimmet ant his staff. I recommend Dr. Zimmet and his practice to all my friends!

—Karl B. via Google

As President & CEO of Diomed, I had the pleasure of working with Steve over a 5 year period both as a consultant and customer. He is an exceptional physician and innovative thought leader. His guidance and counsel was instrumental in helping us design leading-edge products and treatment regiments for venous insufficiency. Don’t miss the opportunity to work with him or along side of him – you will gain much more than you give!

—Jim Wylie via LinkedIn

Steve, was the joint editor-in-chief of the leading international journal Phlebology when I worked at RSM Press, and he continues in that role. He is an outstanding editor, with first class knowledge and contacts internationally in the field of venous disease, and is a highly respected clinician and researcher. He is always efficient and highly responsive, and it was a pleasure to work with him.

—Peter Richardson via LinkedIn

I have had opportunity and privilege to work with Dr. Zimmet through the American College of Phlebology and the American Board of Phlebology. Not only is he an incredibly talented, intelligent and highly-respected clinician, he is also a tremendous mentor, teacher, and a true leader in his field.

—Lisa Pavone via LinkedIn

“I happen to be a patient there with Lidija and I want to commend you on this wonderful ethical young woman. What a wonderful representative you have in Lidija. I saw her today just briefly because I was ill, she had no problem with me getting ill. She was so so sweet she helped me back to my car. I am very moved and very touched by this wonderful wonderful human being, this wonderful woman. She is the just cream of the crop. I wanted to acknowledge her. Thank you all for having her represent you.”


I’ve been going to Dr. Zimmet for more than 10 years for treatment of vein problems. I have tried other dermatologists in Austin, but none have Dr. Zimmet’s expertise as a phlebologist, nor have I found any other doctors that match Dr. Zimmet’s professionalism and patient care. He even trains other doctors.

One of the great aspects of Zimmet Vein & Dermatology when it comes to laser treatment, Botox® and other cosmetic services is that a trained dermatologist does the treatment. This is not the case with other medical centers. In my opinion, this assures the best results with the fewest potential problems.

All of the staff are also great — friendly, discreet, professional. And, the office and patient rooms are clean and comfortable.

Zimmet Vein & Dermatology is highly recommended.

—Austin via CItysearch

Awesome experience, as always! Love coming here, the whole team is so friendly, approachable and customer service-driven!!

—Melanie G. via DocScores

My teenage daughter was extremely anxious about a skin reaction she was having, but Dr. Zimmet set her at ease and gave her a plan of treatment that helped immediately. And his amazing office staff got us in the day we called! Great office.

—Mari S. via DocScores

Love the peels. Very friendly staff.

—Julie via DocScores

I worked with Steve on the planning and design of his medical office. Throughout the process, I was so impressed with his determination to make sure that the primary focus of the finished design was for the comfort and well being of his patients.

—Dineen Berger via LinkedIn

I know Dr. Zimmet since many years, as I am involved in the medical business. I always apreciated Dr. Zimmet both as physician and as member of the Board of the American College of Phlebology in the US. He has great expertise and reputation in the vascular field, and he always has good relationship with everybody.

—Alessandro Peroschi via LinkedIn

Great! Super nice and educated on all your needs:)

—Megan S. via DocScores

It is an honor to write a recommendation for Steve. It is, admittedly humbling to do so. I have known Steve and worked closely with him for a number of years. He is, without question, one of the most outstanding individuals with whom it has been my pleasure to associate in my 15+ years in Phlebology. Within the American College of Phlebology, Steve has served on and chaired numerous committees, he has been on the ACP board, has served with distinction as President of the board, and has received a very well deserved lifetime achievement award for his services to the college. He has been the chairman of the board of the American College of Phlebology Foundation and is now the President of the American Board of Phlebology. Through Steve’s efforts, Phlebology has become an AMA recognized specialty, the American Board of Phlebology has been created and board exams have been administered successfully on a repeated basis. Furthermore, the ACP has received ACCME accreditation. Steve’s efforts on behalf of the ACP, the ACPF, and the ABPh have been tireless and his successes have been numerous. I have no doubt that the American College of Phlebology, its Foundation, and the American Board of Phlebology would not be what they are today without the work and success of Steve Zimmet

—Ted King via LinkedIn

I’m a Registered Nurse who has had Sclerotherapy, Fotofacials and Active/Deep FX performed by Dr. Zimmet. Every procedure has been done with complete trust and confidence. Highly recommend Dr. Zimmet and his compassionate and professional staff.

— Patient via CItysearch

Steven has done a tremendous job when he was president of the ACP and he is still a very good President of the ACP Foundation, in order to promote the development of Phlebology in the US and in the World. Seriousness, efficiency, reliability, kindness and simplicity are the words for describing him. In addition Steven is a very nice faithful friend that I appreciate since close to 10 years.

—Paul Pittaluga via LinkedIn

I’ve been going to Dr. Zimmet for almost 2 years for treatments on my veins and Facial Rejuventaion. I have had Ambulatory Phlebectomy, and continue to have Sclerotherapy. Dr. Zimmets experitse as a phlebologist puts my mind to ease. Also, his staff is always friendly and very professional. Before seeing Dr. Zimmett I went to several doctors but none matched Dr. Zimmet’s professionalism and patient care.

All of the staff are also great — friendly, discreet, professional. And, the office and patient rooms are clean and comfortable.

Zimmet Vein & Dermatology is highly recommended.

—Marguerite H. via Yelp

This place rocks! Dr. Zimmet has been my derm since 2003. Over the years I have had an array of treatments including IPL, facials, laser hair removal and most recently ENDYMED™ and Coolsculpting. I have also consulted with Dr. Zimmet about my leg veins. He has so much experience with veins and lasers and I would not trust anyone else with treating me. I feel Dr. Zimmet would not recommend a treatment unless it would truly benefit me. There are so many treatments out there and it can be confusing at times. Now I bring my 13 year old son to see Dr. Zimmet because he suffers from acne. Dr. Zimmet recommended BLU U Light and we are seeing some encouraging results! My son says the three aestheticians and nurse are awesome! They have given skin care advice to him and he is actually following their advice! Needless to say he does not always do that for me being a teenager! I would highly recommend Dr. Zimmet and his staff to everybody who is looking for a dermatologist who provides trusthworthy quality care.

—Lily O.

The staff is really nice here. That is not always the case now a days. So many healthcare workers are burned out and unpleasant.

—Catherine M. via DocScores

If Dr. Zimmet treats the rest of his patients the way he treats me, I have no doubt they will come away feeling they have received top-level care.

— Patient

I have known Dr. Zimmet for many years and consider him an extraordinary individual, physician, and leader. I worked with him as President of the American College of Phlebology, Chairman of the American College of Phlebology Foundation, and in creating the American Board of Phlebology. Dr. Zimmet is an extremely hard working person with a vision for success in everything he does. He is extremely intelligent and driven with a passion for all things he devotes his life to; his own medical practice; the volunteer organizations he serves, and his friends and family. I am honored and thankful for the opportunity to work with Dr. Zimmet. He makes a difference in the lives of those people around him and is a true leader in everything he does.

—Bruce Sanders via LinkedIn

I originally came to Dr. Zimmet because of recommendations, but came back because I experienced his kind, expert care. Dr. Zimmet listened to me developed and executed a treatment plan that has improved my quality of life in a significant way. Dr. Zimmet is the best and deserves your consideration.

—Karl B.

I have been Dr. Zimmet’s patient for over 20 years. During this time, he has successfully treated me for a range of illnesses and conditions, as well as for a variety of cosmetic procedures. The reason I keep going back is because I have received excellent care in every respect from a doctor whom I know is highly regarded in his profession. I appreciate the fact that he thoroughly investigates new treatments and procedures before recommending them to me. Dr. Zimmet has never pushed or tried to sell me on any form of treatment. I trust his judgment completely. Because of Dr. Zimmet’s experienced and nuanced care, people frequently assume that I’m 10 years younger than my actual age! He and his staff are caring, professional, and discrete. I have recommended Dr. Zimmet to a number of friends and all have been as pleased with his care as I am.

—Beth via CItysearch

Never thought I’d write a review of a Doctor’s office but this place is so incredibly professional I felt compelled to do so. I was promptly seen (how often does that happen at a Dr’s office). I never once felt rushed and I was asked multiple times if I was sure I didn’t have any questions.

—Jason C., Patient

I was lucky enough to work with Dr. Zimmet through my work as CME Manager as the American College of Phlebology. Dr. Zimmet worked tirelessly to ensure that the ABPh met the expectations for MOC, which included all the nuances surrounding CME/MOC requirements, and I truly appreciate the time he dedicated to the ABPh. My interactions with him were always engaging and informative

—Pam Beaton via LinkedIn

What a pleasant experience! From the warm reception at the front desk to the professional and personable esthetician, Zimmet was a perfect place for a treatment. Thank you for great service.

— Patient

Q. What is your favorite thing that we do that you would like to see more of?

“The staff is professional, friendly. Hard to say more than ‘keep it up.’ My most favorite thing is Dr. Zimmet — I don’t see how he could do more than he is.”

“I love getting your emails with special pricing coming – perfect timing as is. It’s the only email I get that gives me that “can’t wait to open it” moment.”

Q. If you could change one thing about how we do business, what would it be?

“Don’t change anything!!! Love your great staff and Dr. Zimmet’s careful touch!”

“I can’t think of anything. I love all of the staff. They are so friendly and professional.”

“Can’t think of anything, y’all are great!”

“Nothing – I love all of you – it’s always pleasant!”

“I am very satisfied with all you do!”

—August 2014 Customer Service Survey

I have had the opportunity and privilege to work with Dr. Zimmet through the American College of Phlebology and the American Board of Phlebology. Not only is he an incredibly talented, intelligent and highly-respected clinician, he is also a tremendous mentor, teacher, and a true leader in his field.

—Lisa P., Co-Director, Livonia Vein Center

I highly recommend Carol at Dr Zimmet’s office! I had 5 fotofacial appointments over a 6 month period and am extremely pleased with the results. I have a light complexion with pink undertones. But as I approached 40, the pinkness often turned to redness – eventually leading to unsightly rosacea. The very first session brought changes to my complexion and by my 4th appointment, I noticed my rosacea was completely gone. I love my skin now and I get compliments all the time.

—Kristen P.

I have been a patient of Dr. Zimmet’s for over 10 years. I have known his family for almost 20 years. Not only is he an amazing doctor, but his bedside manner and his level of care he shows towards me as a patient always makes me feel so comfortable. I feel like I am not just another patient. He and his staff always make me feel so special. The staff is all so caring and so informative that I always feel relaxed and knowledgeable about my procedures. I would go NO WHERE else in the world for what his practice offers. He seems to always stay current on all the new procedures but most importantly only doing and offering the ones that are safe! He and his staff ensure my body’s safety and will not jeopordize it for a procedure that is not right for me. I cannot say enough great things about he and his staff. We are incredibly lucky to have him here since he is known world-wide and his new office is fabulous and private!!!!

—Tracey via CItysearch

I’ve been going to Dr. Zimmet for almost 2 years for treatments on my veins and Facial Rejuventaion. I have had Ambulatory Phlebectomy, and continue to have Sclerotherapy. Dr. Zimmet’s expertise as a phlebologist puts my mind to ease. Before seeing Dr. Zimmet I went to several doctors but none matched Dr. Zimmet’s professionalism and patient care. Zimmet Vein & Dermatology is highly recommended.

— Patient

CoolSculpting. Why not? Widow, cancer survivor, mother of three teenagers and workout enthusiast who couldn’t seem to eliminate certain areas with diet and exercise. Coolsculpting did and I am ecstatic.

— Patient

I have known Steve for many years as a highly respected colleague in the field of dermatology. Patients of mine whom I referred for vein treatment received excellent and expert care. Steve is a remarkable physician, leader and business owner and I recommend him without reservation.

—Heather F., Founder/Owner Austin Center for Skin Heand Rejuvenation

As one of our earliest Medical Advisors, Dr. Zimmet provide editorial and medical guidance for several of our patient education brochures on cosmetic surgery. He also provided photographs of the outstanding results he was able to achieve when preforming these procedures. His support and guidance is very much appreciated.

—Michael Dougherty via LinkedIn

I have always been fully satisfied with my experience with Shannon doing my facial. The results are amazing!

—Anita B. via DocScores

Dr. Zimmet is an exemplary physician. He is extremely well versed in the professional literature. He is wonderfully sensitive to his patient’s needs. Visiting his office is a pleasure. Being a physician myself, I’m incredibly critical, and yet I trust Dr. Zimmet without Reservation. He’s a gem! The services he provides are head and shoulder above what one finds in normal practices. Go visit him; you’ll be happy you did.

—Kathryn via LinkedIn

I’m not usually comfortable with spa treatments but really enjoyed the time that Shannon took to explain everything she was doing. Her relaxed, calm approach really put me at ease and I was very happy with my treatments. I would recommend her to anyone!

—Mari S. via Yelp

I have been a patient since soon after arriving in Texas in 1991. Periodic treatments for spider & varicose veins have been extremely beneficial. I cannot imagine what my legs would look like had I not become a patient of Dr Zimmet. I feel very comfortable showing my legs in bathing suits & skirts, which would have been impossible without the excellent results from such a skillful doctor.

— Patient via CItysearch

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Steven Zimmet for many years through medical conferences we have attended or participated in as faculty/speakers. I have always been impressed with his communication style, which I hold as an example to emulate. He exudes confidence and expertise with compassion and genuine interest, invites contribution and collaboration from both professionals and patients. I would readily seek to work with Dr. Zimmet if proximity allowed. He imbues others with his dedication and his energetic search for best practice models reinforced with quality and multiple options for his patients. “

—Cheryl L. M.

I have seen Dr. Zimmet for everything from Botox® and Endymed treatments to annual skin checks and adult acne. Besides being the only doctor to successfully address my adult acne, he also continues to amaze me with his staff, expertise and straight forward answers to all of my many questions. His office is centrally located and there is never much of a wait if any at all. I highly recommend Dr Zimmet and his staff.

—Alex H. via Yelp

Every friend I’ve referred him to Dr. Zimmet becomes a patient because it’s hard to find that perfect combination of expertise and caring.

—Laura M.

I’ve been coming to Zimmet for about 6 months now, seeing their aesthetician Hadley for laser hair removal. If you’re thinking of getting laser hair removal, I would highly recommend going to Zimmet to get it done.

Zimmet is very clean and professional (much more so than a laser hair removal center, which often seem to have somewhat dubious certifications), and the staff is always very attentive and friendly. I’ve always felt like I’m getting the best treatment available from Hadley, as well as lots of information and recommendations. She’s friendly, helpful, and provides excellent care information and really seems to go the extra mile. She’s also introduced me to some great sunscreens for people with sensitive skin (like myself).

I can’t recommend Zimmet enough.
—Laura C. via Yelp

Steve is an extremely proficient professional, a visionary leader, a sensible and very thoughtful friend. Someone your can trust blindly.

—Jean-Jerome GUEX via LinkedIn

Dr. Steven E. Zimmet human and professional qualities make him an internationally recognized Mentor not only in Dermatology but also in Vein care. A ‘must visit’ medical center, both for patients and for national and international colleagues. Moreover, dr zimmet is a great musician in duo with his amazing son Max!

—Sergio G.

Dr. Steve Zimmet is a uniquely passionate individual. He’s clinically excellent and I can attest to that from first hand knowledge of visiting his office personally. Having known Steve for over 15 years, his passion for any subject he becomes involved with is unsurpassed. The medical community, and society in general would be much better off if there were more “Steve’s” out there! Take the opportunity to get to know him, its well worth the investment in time, energy and fun!

—Joe Zygmunt via LinkedIn

I am not surprised to see that Dr. Steven Zimmet has a long list of recommendations from other professionals in his field. I have availed myself of his services twice and can say from first hand experience as a patient that he is a consummate professional. I felt thoroughly educated on my condition and on the options that were available. The treatments that I chose with the help of his expert guidance were administered in a timely manner and had the best possible outcomes. I enthusiastically recommend him to anyone in need of a dermatologist.

—Christopher J. via LinkedIn

From my first visit to see Dr. Zimmet almost 10 years ago, I have been satisfied with my care on every level.

I have come to trust in his knowledge and judgment, and never have I felt that he or anyone in his office has tried to “sell” me on anything. With Dr. Zimmet and his medical background, I am confident that I am seeing someone who knows the latest developments in the field and who will advise me with my best interests in mind. The results of my treatments have been excellent. Over the years I have had chemical peels, photo facials, Thermage and Botox® . I have also had sclerotherapy treatments for the veins in my legs. I have been complimented many times on my skin, and don’t hesitate to say how I came by it. If I have any concern or question, I will get a prompt and forthright response. Dr. Zimmet will take the time I need. I have never felt rushed. In fact, going to his office is quite a relaxing and pleasant experience.

His staff members go out of their way to be friendly and helpful. Overall, Dr. Zimmet is someone who cares about his patients first and foremost.

—Joan F. via CItysearch

Dr. Zimmet is a expert in the field of Phlebology and is recognized internationally.

—Sanjoy Kundu via LinkedIn

Dr. Zimmet is a consummate professional who cares deeply about his patients. He understands the concerns of his patients and will address each and every one. He takes his time and makes sure that his patients receive the best care at all times.

—Doreen L.

Dr. Steven Zimmet has proved to be one of the most highly regarded and valued members of the American College of Phlebology. He is well known for his scholarly contributions to Phlebology and for spear-heading the board examination in Phlebology administered by the American College of Phlebology. His dedication to his profession is unparalleled. I recommend him without reservation.

—Richard Vasquez via LinkedIn

As an consulting expert in Sales & Customer Service the amount of frustration I experience as a consumer is overwhelming. You and your team are one of the best I’ve experienced and I will use it as an example in my next seminar.

—Roger S.

I have been a patient of Dr. Zimmet’s for about 12 years now and I have to say he is the most compassionate and caring dermatologist in Austin. He is brilliant but humble and never makes you feel like your questions or concerns are rediculous. His administrative staff along with Hadley his aesthetician and Allison, his nurse are friendly, accommodating and consummate professionals. Doctor Zimmet performs the aesthetic procedures for his patients such as Botox® , fillers, and laser resurfacing and skin tightening and that makes a difference to me as a patient. He is at the top of his field in my opinion and I know I am in good hands when he sees me. You won’t find a more qualified physician or have a more satisfying experience than at Zimmet Vein and Dermatology.

—Allison S. via Yelp

The staff was amazing! The tech applying the chemical peel was fabulous! She walked me through the entire process and ensured I was okay throughout the process! I’m so glad I found Zimmet and I will return!

— Patient

Steve was Chairman of the ACP Foundation board when I had the pleasure to work with him. I was a fellow board member and worked with him closely as Treasurer but also as Development chairman. Bottom line– we accomplished our goals! In my experience, Steve was a great leader but also had a knack for working with fellow board members to solicit opinions and discussion–all with the goal of advancing the objectives of the Foundation.

—George Zorich via LinkedIn

Never thought I’d write a review of a doctor’s office but this place is so incredibly professional I felt compelled to do so.

I used their website contact form last night and got a personal email from the MD himself at 5 am this morning. Got an appointment same-day (there was a cancellation…).

Everyone at the clinic was astoundingly nice and the entire office was so clean you could eat off the floor as they say.

I was promptly seen (how often does that happen at a Dr’s office). I never once felt rushed and I was asked multiple times if I was sure I didn’t have any questions.
—Jason C. via Yelp

Dr. Zimmet is super-nice and really knows his stuff. I’ve been going to him for about nine years for things like Botox® , Thermage, and Restylane, and have been 100% satisfied. His staff is awesome, and the office has a nice, mellow vibe (doesn’t feel like a doctor’s office, more like a spa). Highly recommend!

—Lara W. via CItysearch

Dr. Zimmet is great. I have a 65 year old “weathered ” face. I’m very conservative, so selected the Easymed non-surgical procedure. I had no downtime and after two months I have seen a huge improvement. Wrinkles are smoothed and jowl is tightening. His nurse, Lydia, is a delight and very helpful. I highly recommend Dr Zimmet. He is a really nice guy that is very competent.

—Lyn B. via Yelp

As long as there is Dr. Steven Zimmet, there is absolutely no one else that I would trust with my skin! During the many years that I have been a patient, I appreciate his extreme attention to the individual person. Dermatology has so many really complex areas. I am grateful to Dr. Zimmet for his world class expertise in treating problem veins in my legs, massive poison-ivy, to the aesthetics of refining aging and sun-damaged skin. I love knowing that his state of the art clinic matches the highest level of medicine. Another critical point – this is a doctor and staff who treat you with the utmost discretion. You are not a number on a file. They all know who you really are . . .and respect your individual privacy and needs. Besides the fact that I get compliments on my skin (a lot!), it is Dr. Zimmet whom I credit.

—Damobin via CItysearch

It is an honour and a privilege to recommend Steve. His multitude of accomplishments and talents make it an easy task to write an endorsement. I have known Steve as a colleague and a friend for over 15 years. I have always been impressed not only with Steve’s knowledge and dedication to the field of phlebology, but also with his honesty and sincerity. As well, over the years I have come to admire and appreciate his hard work, determination and ability as a leader and organizer. Under his calm and thoughtful leadership as president of the American College of Phlebology, that organization went through an unprecedented period of growth and innovation. Not resting on his laurels, Steve went on to assume further leadership positions with the ACP Foundation, the American Board of Phlebology and the Phlebology journal. His vision and his efforts have played a major role in the recognition of Phlebology as a specialty. Despite all his accomplishments, Steve has remained unassuming and approachable. He is greatly respected by his peers not only for his abilities but for his kindness and his high principles.

—Douglas Hill via LinkedIn

Dr. Zimmet is a superb and compassionate doctor. I have been a patient for at least ten years. He always takes the time to listen to your concerns and gives a straightforward, honest opinion and analysis. His care is fabulous and above reproach. I would not consider another dermatologist for my skin care.

—Quinn via CItysearch

This place is amazing. I got microderm, laser hair removal, and a facial. Shannon P. was the esthetician who gave the services, and she is top-notch. Super professional, knows what she’s doing, made me feel comfortable when I was nervous about the laser hair removal. The office is warm and inviting. I didn’t have to wait at all for my appointment. Would definitely recommend this place to anyone looking for these types of services!

—Kristi B. via Yelp

I have been a patient of Dr. Zimmet for over 10 years. When it comes to skincare or veins, he is a perfectionist! I have tried other dermatologists in Austin but have found none better. His office staff also is the best and highly professional too. I can always count on him and have complete trust in his advice.

—Bill F. via Yelp

Dr. Zimmet is a man of patience, vision and tolerance. His commitment to vision comes at great personal sacrifice and direct professional investment in the things in which he beleives. Yet, as a strong man of character and belief in his own abilities, possesses an amazing depth and willingness to seek out why you may disagree with him regarding specific aspects of anything while continually seeking areas of common ground in which you both can build a growing relationship. I am proud to know him and honored to call him a friend, colleague and peer.

—John Mangold via LinkedIn

Dr. Zimmet is a well respected physician in his industry (dermatology & vein treatments). Before committing to going to see him, I read his peer reviews and was very impressed with how he is perceived among top practitioners in the country. I went to his office for 8 sessions of Endimed and was very happy with the results. The office is clean, modern, the staff is very friendly, especially the Lydias (there are two Lydias in an office of no more than 8 people 🙂 Dr. Zimmet is very thorough in his explanations and I found the sessions to be very relaxing, if that’s even possible…at any rate, I would recommend his services to any one of my friends and family members.

— Patient via Google

Just wanted to thank you for the suggestion of the Voluma filler last Monday. Placing it below my cheek created a very subtle but I think, significant improvement—a slight lift and some reduction of fine lines along my cheeks. I really appreciate your precise and good work. You always consider my whole face and what will look natural and be an enhancement. Thank you.


I have been going to Dr. Zimmet for the past year for Botox® and just adore him. He’s so easy going, never tries to push anything on me, and is always so nice! He’s also really quick, which I appreciate because my last dermatologist took AGES to see me, and it is often very difficult to get away during the workday. And as a testament to his great work, I get compliments on my skin all the time. My sister recently got married, and tons of people came up to me at the reception to ask what my skin care regimen is, and really, it’s just Dr. Zimmet!

—Liz T. via Yelp

I would like to thank Zimmet Vein and Dermatology [or Dr Zimmet, if that’s who did the procedure] for the Liposonix treatment I received. I can wholeheartedly recommend this treatment for patients wishing to reduce fat without surgery, with minimum discomfort. It truly is fat reduction to fit a busy lifestyle, which is why I am so happy with it. Thank you again.

—Cindy, Patient

Dr. Zimmet is a remarkable professional. A great physician as well as a great businessman. I had the opportunity to attend one of the world conventions in which he was present and it was interesting to see how people lined up to shake his hand…A very well deserved recognition, I would say. Dr. Zimmet is compassionate and caring and I would strongly recommend his services to any one I cared about.

—Ricardo Casas via LinkedIn

“SO happy with my FotoFacial results, Lidija is my Queen! Can’t wait to schedule the next one!”


Steven Zimmet is a very accomplished leader with the American Board of Phlebology. He is well organized, efficient and very creative. He clearly has the respect of his colleagues and others in the medical community.
—Benson Munger via LinkedIn

I am lucky enough to have been under Dr. Zimmet’s care for many years. I continue to rely on him because of his vast knowledge and depth of experience in providing non-surgical cosmetic treatments. Case in point: I recently had the new TriBeam carbon peel done with immediate results. A week later, I saw a friend whom I hadn’t seen in a few months and she asked if I had had cosmetic surgery! I appreciate that Dr. Zimmet keeps abreast of new treatments and technologies, fully vetting and training in them before offering to his patients. Thanks to his guidance and care, my skin looks fabulous! Dr. Zimmet’s medical and office staff are discreet, friendly and reflect his high standards for patient care. I whole-heartedly recommend Dr. Zimmet and his team to anyone interested in improving their skin.

—Mardia R., Patient via CItysearch

I saw a friend yesterday – she asked if I had had “work” done – she said my skin looked fabulous. I think so, too. I happily told her that you were responsible. I can’t thank you enough . . . I had no pinkness or any other type of issue after the treatments. I’m so grateful to have you as a trusted physician. I can’t sing your praises enough.


Moving from LaLa land where I have a regular “maintenance” doctor I was a bit apprehensive about trying a new doc in Austin.

Thanks to all of you yelpsters out there for steering me into Dr. Zimmet’s office.

I was able to get an appointment within 24 hours of my original call. This is the ONLY time I have ever been seen by a doctor for my regular “maintenance injections”. In LaLa land it is always an RN or NP giving the injections (and by the way they do a fantastic job!). I was just surprised to see the doctor and the time he took doing a simple injection.

The office is nicely decorate, clean, and the staff professional. Based on my experience, I would recommend Dr. Zimmet and I will definitely be back!
—GiGi B. via Yelp

Since my mom had recently become a patient of Dr. Zimmet’s for vericose veins, English is ours second language I have need to write this review. I accompanied her to her appoitment to translate for her, Dr. Zimmet was so wonderful communicating to her and me about everything he was doing and finding about her veins, he has taken his time with us, he was so patient with all of our questions and took so much time throughly explaining everything to us. My mom and I have had very opposite expericences with other doctors here in Austin. My mom needed a surgery called Endocenous Laser Ablation, my mom was scared to death about the whole deal, she is scared of a little needle, my whole family was nervous about how this surgery would go, and I have to say that Dr. Zimmet and his staff were the best in allevating her fears and making her feel totally relaxed and comfortable before, during and after her surgery. We have hears all kinds of things out there, and the doctors that we went before told us about stripping her weins and doing it under the general, in the hospital, few days of recovery, and things like that, we are so happy we went to Dr. Zimmet for the second opinion, so happy that my mother had EVLT, so happy that we found Dr. Zimmet. She was up and walking on a treadmill right after the surgery, she was up and walking that afternoon, she was back at work the next day. We highly recommend this doctor and his staff! Best doctor in Town!!!

— Patient via Google

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Zimmet’s for over 10 years. He’s always been professional and you feel like he’s an expert in his field. I have complete trust in him and wouldn’t see anyone else.

—Art J. via CItysearch

I have been a patient of Dr. Zimmet’s for 12 years. I have also seen several other dermatologists in Austin. I always come back for the quality care I receive from Dr. Zimmet and his staff and the comprehensive cosmetic treatments offered there. Dr. Zimmet is known all around the world for his work with spider veins and varicose veins. He also specializes in lasers and cosmetic dermatology. The new office is private and beautiful. The staff are friendly, caring and knowledgeable and I always feel comfortable and welcome there.

— Patient via CItysearch

I have been a patient of Dr. Zimmet’s for ten years, and have been highly satisfied with the thoughtful, individualized care I have received. He has invariably advised me and treated me with my best interests in mind. I have come to trust in his knowledge and judgment and in his long experience. Over the years I have had chemical peels, photo facials, Thermage and Botox® . I have also had sclerotherapy for my leg veins. I have been complimented many times on my complexion, and am glad to say how I came by it. Dr. Zimmet has an impeccable reputation and is known internationally for his contributions to the field of non-surgical vein treatments. On top of that, he is compassionate. Whenever I have a question or concern, I get a prompt and considered response. Dr. Zimmet has never rushed me or tried to sell me anything. His staff is friendly, helpful and efficient. Going to his office is relaxing and pleasant, and most importantly I come away every time feeling that Dr. Zimmet has addressed my needs in an honest way and that he truly cares about me as his patient.

—Joan F. via Yelp

I have the distinct pleasure of knowing Dr. Zimmet for several years through annual conferences of the American College of Phlebolgy. His professionalism and integrity are unequaled and a model for others to emulate. Dr. Zimmet is an effective leader who is skilled at balancing authority, conflict, and evidence based protocols to preserve science while still honoring individual opinions and issues of concern. He is able to calmly navigate politics in forming consensus based approach to problems for patients and healthcare professionals. I look forward to the contributions he continues to influence in the fields of Phlebology and Lymphology.

—Cheryl L. Morgan via LinkedIn

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