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Your Dermal Fillers Consultation

Your Dermal Fillers Consultation

Your Dermal Fillers Consultation | Austin DermatologyA detailed consultation will precede the dermal filler cosmetic skin care procedure to determine the appropriate injection plan for the patient’s needs.

Patients who are seeking dermal fillers for the first time may use the consultation opportunity to learn about different filler options available to them and the benefits and limitations of each. Dr. Steven Zimmet is an experienced dermatologist providing dermal filler injections to patients in Austin, TX and surrounding locations across the horizon.


Evaluating the Patient

The treatment provider will determine the patient’s candidacy for dermal filler procedure by evaluating their overall facial anatomy, skin type and tone, amount of skin elasticity, depleted volume in specific areas, and the depth of aging lines and wrinkles. The provider will also ask questions to learn about the patient’s overall health and any underlying medical condition.


Cosmetic Goal Assessment

To create a customized dermatology filler injection plan for the patient, the provider will seek to understand why the patient wants to receive facial filler treatment and what precisely about their facial appearance may be bothering them. The provider will encourage the patient to share their innate cosmetic needs and goals, and incorporate those inputs into the customized dermal filler treatment plan.


Educating the Patient

The injection provider will discuss the dermal filler and other treatment alternatives available to the patient, and the pros and cons of each. They will inform the patient about the effectiveness, longevity of results, expected recovery, potential risks and costs of the filler treatment. This will enable the patient to make an objective, well-considered decision about filler treatment.



Addressing Patient’s Concerns  

At the time of consultation, the patient will have the opportunity to ask questions and clear all their doubts and concerns related to the dermal filler procedure and the dermatologist’s practice. A dedicated treatment provider will answer all the questions of the patient in accurate detail and help them to arrive at a most beneficial decision specific to their situation.


Customized Injection Plan

Depending on the patient’s unique anatomical and personal cosmetic needs, the dermatologist will determine the most effective and customized filler injection plan. Most patients may require HA based fillers such as Restylane, Juvederm Ultra or Belotero Balance, while a few may require volumizing fillers such as Juvederm Voluma. Some other patients may need stronger fillers such as Radiesse or Sculptra. A combination of filler injections and Botox® may also be recommended in some cases.


Cost Details

The costs of the dermal filler procedure can vary from one patient to another depending on their volume requirements and the type of filler chosen. Some patients may choose to combine filler injections with another non-invasive procedure, and may be eligible for a package price or a special rebate. Payment methods and financing options may also be discussed during the consultation to help the patient make the right decision considering all factors.

During the consultation, the dermatologist will also make an effort to ensure that the patient has reasonable expectations from dermal filler treatment. Sterling and committed dermatologist Dr. Zimmet receives patients from Austin, TX and nearby areas for dermal fillers.

If you would like to learn more about the procedures and treatments by Austin TX Cosmetic Dermatologist, Dr. Steven Zimmet, please contact us at (512) 485-7700.

Types of Dermal Fillers

Types of Dermal Fillers | Austin Dermatology | Medical SpaDermal filler injections are the second most popular cosmetic skin care treatment in the US today after Botox® . Over the years, a number of innovative and advanced facial fillers have been introduced and have earned the FDA’s approval. Different ingredients are used in filler to achieve different goals and restore facial youth in a non-surgical way.

During the initial consultation, the dermatologist will discuss various dermal filler treatment options available to a patient and help them select the most appropriate one for their needs. Profound and accomplished dermatologist Dr. Steven Zimmet provides dermal filler injections to patients in Austin, TX and surrounding communities.


Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

Hyaluronic acid (HA) based fillers are among the most sought-after filler injections in cosmetic dermatology for facial rejuvenation. HA is a naturally occurring compound in the human skin, which provides the framework for skin cells to thrive. Aging and other factors can cause the depletion of HA in the skin, and HA-based dermal filler gel can be injected to replenish it.

HA fillers are popular because they provide safe, smooth and natural looking results, and can last for a significant duration. Another key benefit of HA fillers is that they have a very low risk of allergic reaction because of the biocompatible nature of the filler’s active ingredient. No prior allergy testing is usually required. Even the results with HA based fillers are reversible with the help of FDA approved medications.


Belotero Balance

This filler is primarily aimed at mitigating superficial wrinkles and fine lines, and integrates nicely into the skin. Lines around the mouth can be improved as well as tear trough site can be filled using Belotero Balance.


Juvederm Ultra and UltraPlus

Juvederm fillers are a popular cosmetic dermatology treatment, which are designed to treat moderate lines and folds around the mouth and nose. Temples can be rejuvenated with this filler and lip enhancement may be performed. Results with Juvederm filler can last up to 12 months.


Juvederm Voluma

Voluma is specifically used to add volume to the mid-face and create a fuller, rounder looking face. People with sunken cheeks can benefit the most. Results can last for up to two years with Juvederm Voluma.



Restylane is commonly used to address lines around the mouth, nasolabial folds, frown lines, tear trough area, marionette lines, temples, and for lip definition. Results can last for 6 to 18 months, depending on several factors.


Non-HA Fillers


Radiesse filler gel contains calcium hydroxylapatite microshperes. This filler is designed to stimulate collagen fibers as well as volumize depleted areas. It is commonly used to improve temples, nasolabial folds, and cheek volume. It can even help to volumize the back of the hands.


Sculptra Aesthetic

Sculptra Aesthetic is based on poly-L-lactic acid, which can trigger fresh collagen production. A series of two to three treatments can restore volume loss in the cheeks, temples and nasolabial folds. Results can last for over two years.

Reliable and awesome dermatologist Dr. Zimmet receives patients from Austin, TX, and other areas in this part of The Lonestar State for dermal filler injectable treatments.  

If you would like to learn more about the procedures and treatments by Austin TX Cosmetic Dermatologist, Dr. Steven Zimmet, please contact us at (512) 485-7700.

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