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Ultherapy® Offers Results Simulation via a Selfie

Ultherapy® Offers Results Simulation via a Selfie

Ultherapy® Offers Results Simulation via a Selfie

Ultherapy® | Skin Tightening | Non Surgical | Austin TXUltherapy® is a state of the art, non-surgical procedure to reduce the signs of aging through skin lift and tightening. This FDA cleared technique makes use of safe, time-tested ultrasound energy to achieve natural looking results without involving any surgery or downtime. Ultherapy® is, in fact, the only non-invasive procedure with a FDA clearance for lifting the skin on the neck, below the chin and around the eyebrows.

The FDA has also recently cleared the procedure for cosmetic improvement of the décolletage through reduction of wrinkles and lines. Dr. Zimmet chooses Ultherapy® over several other similar procedures because of its high track record on safety and effectiveness, which has been established through more than 350,000 treatments worldwide. Ultherapy® treatment is designed to promote fresh collagen production in order to achieve longer lasting and sustainable anti-aging results.

Result Simulation Online

Now Ultherapy® has introduced another revolutionary patient-friendly service that allows a new patient to try on the treatment through a simple simulation process before actually having it done. This reflects on the confidence of the manufacturer in this treatment, and a commitment to go the extra mile to achieve total patient satisfaction.

New patients can simply click on this link to begin the simulation process. In the first step, they can select the desired areas of treatment that they would like to see simulated. These include eyebrows, below the chin, neck, and décolletage. Once the appropriate selections are made the patient can upload a photo of their full face and neck.

How to Take a Suitable Picture

A fantastic photograph for simulation would be taken in a well-lit environment with solid background, and maintaining chin level, hair pulled back and wearing no accessories. Once the photograph is uploaded, the patient can simply press the button to allow the simulation process to take place. It will provide simulated after-treatment photograph, which can give a fair idea to the patient about now Ultherapy® can help improve their face and neck appearance.

If you would like to learn more about the procedures and treatments by Austin TX Cosmetic Dermatologist, Dr. Steven Zimmet, please contact us at (512) 485-7700.

Botox® vs. Juvederm Dermal Filler

Botox® vs. Juvederm Dermal Filler

shutterstock_132023537Common signs of aging such as wrinkles, lines, and folds show most conspicuously on the face. Therefore, many people are keen and self-motivated to seek anti-aging skin care solutions for the face to reduce the appearance of these aging signs. Among cosmetic injectable treatments, Botox® is a highly popular wrinkle reduction option that is accepted all over the world.

However, in recent years, dermal fillers such as Juvederm have also become increasingly popular as a deeper and longer lasting cosmetic dermatology treatment for the face. Dr. Steven Zimmet is an experienced dermatologist providing both Botox® and Juvederm facial filler treatments to his patients in and around Austin, TX.

Key Differences

While Botox® and Juvederm cosmetic filler are both injectable treatments designed to reduce wrinkles and lines from the face for a temporary period of time, but both are essentially different treatments in various ways.


Botox® treatment is created from botulinum neurotoxin, which is considered as one of the most potent biological agents in the world. This toxin has the ability to cut the communication between the nerve and the brain, causing the nerve to go into a state of paralysis. Very tiny amounts of botulinum toxin are used in Botox® treatment to target the wrinkle forming muscles on the face. The treatment is injected directly into the muscle, causing it to relax immediately. This allows the wrinkle on the surface of the skin to fade away naturally.

Juvederm dermal filler, on the other hand, is produced from hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance that is found in the body. The role of this substance is to provide support to the skin, and stimulate the production of collagen in the skin. When Juvederm gel is injected into the deeper layers of the skin, it instantly works to plump the affected area of the face, add volume and allows the wrinkles and lines to fade away. Juvederm also promotes the production of fresh collagen in the skin, which ensures longer lasting results.

Treatment Areas

As an experienced dermatologist, Dr. Zimmet will recommend the appropriate injectable treatment to different patients in Austin, TX and surrounding communities. While both Botox® and Juvederm are FDA approved anti-aging skin care treatments, but they are designed for different areas of the face. Botox® has been approved for the temporary reduction of frown lines between the brows or on the forehead. Last year, the FDA also approved Botox® for the cosmetic reduction of crow’s feet around the eyes.

Juvederm facial filler, on the other hand, is more suited for the treatment of moderate to severe wrinkles and folds. It is more suited when the signs of aging are more conspicuous and the patient has suffered loss of volume, which is causing the facial skin to sag and resulting in deeper wrinkles and lines. Among various dermal fillers available today, Juvederm is the leading cosmetic dermatology solution. It can reduce nasolabial folds, augment the lips, and reduce the appearance of laugh lines.

Duration of Results

Results with Botox® can last for about three to six months on average. In case of Juvederm filler treatment, the results may last for up to one year, or even more in some cases.

If you would like to learn more about the procedures and treatments by Cosmetic Dermatologist, Dr. Steven Zimmet, please contact us at (512) 485-7700.

Botox® vs. Dysport Injectables

Botox® vs. Dysport Injectables

Botox®  | Dysport | Dermal Fillers | Cosmetic Dermatology | AustinBotox® and Dysport are among the world’s most popular anti-aging cosmetic dermatology treatments for the face. Dr. Steven Zimmet is an experienced dermatologist providing a wide range of skin care solutions, including Botox® and Dysport. Dr. Zimmet receives patients from Austin, TX and surrounding areas for non-surgical aesthetic treatments and injectables.

FDA-approved Anti-Wrinkle Solutions

Both Botox® and Dysport treatments are designed to reduce facial wrinkles and lines for a temporary period ranging from three to six months. Both are based on botulinum toxin, which is a very powerful biological agent. The popularity of Botox® as an anti-aging injectable soared in the United States following its approval from the FDA in 2002 for the cosmetic reduction of lines between the brows. Since then it has continued to be a dominant non-surgical cosmetic dermatology treatment.

Dysport was popular for many years in Europe, but it received approval from the FDA only in 2009. Based on the fact that he is an experienced, while being committed to his craft, and a student of learning type of dermatologist, Dr. Zimmet carefully evaluates various anti-aging treatment options for his patients.

One Up for Botox®

He recommends both Botox® and Dysport as excellent treatments for facial wrinkle reduction. In 2013, Botox® also achieved FDA approval for the reduction of crow’s feet around the eyes, which further increased the confidence of patients in this treatment. However, Dysport has yet to receive this approval.


Dr. Zimmet will explain the functionality of Botox® and Dysport as injectable treatments to reduce signs of aging from the face to his patients in Austin, TX who seek skin care. The Botox® or Dysport expert will inject the medication directly into the shrunken muscle in the face that is causing the formation of wrinkle. The medication causes the muscle to relax immediately, and remain in that state for about three to six months. The wrinkle that was formed due to the shrunken muscle fades away from the face.

Dr. Zimmet will usually follow either treatment, depending on the patient’s personal preference. The effectiveness and safety profile of both treatments is nearly the same. However, by way of composition, the molecules of Botox® are larger sized as compared to those of Dysport. Therefore, the unit measurement in both cases is different. A number of scientific studies have been conducted for both Botox® and Dysport, which show similar outcomes in terms of safety and function.

Higher Popularity of Botox®

Botox® is a highly recognized brand name, not only in the United States, but all over the world. It is manufactured by Allergan, Inc., a company that is renowned as an expert in several medical and cosmetic products. As a result, many patients ask for Botox® simply because they are familiar with the name and are more comfortable using it.

Botox® also receives higher exposure due to several celebrities having used this treatment, and a number of publications and other media channels contributing to the visibility and popularity of this treatment in comparison to Dysport.

Individual Choice

In the final analysis, the choice between Botox® and Dysport should rest with the patient. In any case, it is more important to receive these injectable treatments from a dermatologist who has experience in performing such procedures.

If you would like to learn more about the procedures and treatments by Cosmetic Dermatologist, Dr. Steven Zimmet, please contact us at (512) 485-7700.

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