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dr-zimmet austin dermatologistSkin care is important, and most of us do try to make it a priority. However, with passing time and advancing age, the skin start to look dull and lose its youthful features. Of course, you can eat healthy and exercise to delay the effects of age, but the signs are inevitable. The best way to get that glow back in your skin is to get in touch with a dermatologist and work with them.

How can a Austin dermatologist help you

Dr. Steven Zimmet, a renowned dermatologist who has worked in Austin, TX for over 30 years says that a good dermatologist has many ways to help you get your youthful skin back including –

1. Firming up of skin This is one of the most popular treatments opted for by people all over. Sound waves and infra red light are used to stimulate collagen production by causing microscopic fissures. This leads to the firming up of skin in areas such as the cheek, jowls, neck , knees and so on.

2. Getting rid of fine lines – Lines on the face can give a look of advancing age to your skin. Dermatology has the tools to get rid of these lines, especially if they are fine in nature. A new filler has been approved that is quite effective in smoothing out these lines and giving you a younger look. The needle used only goes to the top layers of the skin, thus the chances of bruising is almost negligible.

3. Giving you a quick nose job We are not talking about a surgery here. As you age, the nose flattens and widens. This effect can be reversed with fillers that can give you a more shapely nose in just ten minutes. It can even correct other bumps and imperfections, making you look even more beautiful.

Choosing the right dermatologist

While all these procedures are possible to get a new you, it is essential to get a good dermatologist to get this work done. There are a number of dermatologists available but it is not simply a matter of choosing the closest one. A botched job can make you look very bad and you can lose your money as well as your looks. These are some of the things you should do to make sure you get a qualified dermatologist.

1. Check their credentials – Your dermatologist must be board certified from the American Association of Dermatology and should have the requisite academic qualifications as well. It is always better to go with someone who has a ton of experience in this field.

2. Get a consultation first – A good way to start off with your search is to get a consultation from a few dermatologists in the area. Discuss your issues with them and get to know their thoughts on them. It is important that you feel comfortable with the person giving you a new look and this is an easy way to check the level of comfort.

Getting your youth back is important as your looks don’t just matter to others, it also helps in boosting your self confidence and giving you a better self image. A good dermatologist can be the difference for you. Choose your dermatologist carefully and all your skin care needs will be taken care off easily and without hassles.

If you would like to learn more about the procedures and treatments by Cosmetic Dermatologist, Dr. Steven Zimmet, please contact us at (512) 485-7700.

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