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Skin Tightening Happy Hour

Skin Tightening Happy Hour

Interested in Skin Tightening?
Join Us for an Educational Happy Hour!

dr. zimmet ultherapy treatment provider

Dr. Zimmet is an Official Ultherapy® Treatment Provider

If you have questions, this is the perfect event to attend. It is comfortable and casual – enjoy sips and snacks while learning about our non-surgical, skin tightening treatment options including Ultherapy®, ENDYMED™ Radiofrequency, and Active/DEEPFX Fractionated CO2. Dr. Zimmet will be answering your questions along the way!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014
5:30pm to 7:00pm

Sips and Snacks
Special Deals for Attendees:

  • Ultherapy® – Free mouth or eyes with Mid-Lower Face Purchase ($795-$950 value)
  • ENDYMED™ – Buy a series and get one treatment Free (Value varies)
  • Active/DEEPFX – Free Neck Treatment with Full Face purchase ($1500 value)

Please RSVP to (512) 485-7700.

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Austin, Texas 78703

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Tip of the Week: Rosacea – Treatments to reduce redness

Lasers and/or pulsed light sources are the most effective treatment for the redness and broken capillaries associated with rosacea. Schedule a consultation with a physician experienced with these treatment methods.

Call (512) 485-7700 to learn more and schedule a complimentary consultation.

Ultherapy® Named “Best In-Office Treatment” in NewBeauty’s Annual Beauty Choice Awards

dr. zimmet ultherapy treatment provider

Dr. Zimmet is an Official Ultherapy® Treatment Provider

Skin tightening treatment, Ultherapy®,  named “Best In-Office Treatment” in NewBeauty’s Annual Beauty Choice Awards. NewBeauty’s Annual Beauty Choice Awards recognize the best products on the market as determined by thousands of NewBeauty readers as well as the magazine’s editors and renowned beauty experts. This is the first year NewBeauty has included “Best In-Office Treatment” as an Award category.

We are a official Ultherapy® treatment provider, call us today to give Ultherapy® skin tightening a try. Click here or call (512) 485-7700.

Ultherapy® on Good Morning America

Laser Hair Removal Before and After Photos

Dr. Steven Zimmet is an experienced dermatologist providing state of the art skin care solutions to patients in Austin, TX and nearby areas. His practice is equipped to provide advanced laser hair removal treatments. Dr. Zimmet likes to educate his patients about various aspects of a procedure so that they are in a position to make an informed decision about the treatment. He makes use of before and after photos in many cases to explain the procedure. Laser hair removal before and after photos can help patients understand the aesthetic outcomes that can be expected from this treatment. See Laser Hair Removal Before and After Photos

What are Laser Hair Removal Before and After Pictures?

Laser hair removal ‘before and after’ images refer to a set of pictures of a previous patient who has undergone this treatment successfully. The set comprises pictures taken before the procedure and after the procedure. Sometimes the pictures may be taken at various stages after the procedure to show the results after every individual treatment session.

The dermatology expert will take the pictures with the patient’s express consent. The goal is to educate new patients about what the laser hair removal procedure can or cannot do for them. Dr. Zimmet believes that before and after pictures should be used by dermatologists during the initial consultation as a visual tool to explain the treatment effectively to new patients. He tries to provide these pictures for various dermatology procedures, including laser hair removal.


A lot of patients do not have a very clear idea in the beginning about how laser hair removal can help them achieve their skin care goals. They may be confused between two or more treatment options, or a combination of treatments to achieve the most effective outcomes. In such situations, laser hair removal before and after photos can come in very handy. The dermatology expert can use them during the initial consultation.

Decisions such as the choice of the treatable areas, the amount of area to be treated and the number of treatment sessions that may be necessary can be taken more appropriately when the dermatologist makes use of laser hair removal before and after pictures.

Staying Realistic

In cosmetic treatments such as laser hair removal, it is important that the patient should have a positive outlook, clear aesthetic goals and realistic expectations. Patients with these attributes usually achieve higher levels of satisfaction from the treatment. Laser hair removal ‘before and after’ photos can help a patient to form realistic expectations.

If the patient has misplaced notions about the expected outcome, it can result in disappointment for the patient in the end. Even when the procedure may have been performed very successfully, but the patient may continue to remain dissatisfied because of wrong expectations.

Digital Pictures

The doctor may choose to put up the laser hair treatment before and after photographs on their practice website. New patients can simply access these photos freely from the website, and review them in the privacy and comfort of their home or office. This may help them make up their mind about whether to visit the doctor’s office for a consultation regarding laser hair removal.

Individual results may vary.

Tip of the Week: Rosacea – Avoid Triggers

Identify factors that trigger your rosacea. Common triggers are outdoor or indoor heat, heavy exercise, caffeine, alcohol, spicy food, and stress. Try to decrease these triggers as much as possible. For example, opt for one cup of coffee or switch to green tea; exercise indoors during the hottest andcoldest times of the year. The goal is to minimize triggers without decreasing your quality of life!

Call (512) 485-7700 to learn more and schedule a complimentary consultation.

Derma Fillers – Where and What to Inject?

Fillers have been injected into lips, nasolabial folds, and marionette lines for years. What has become clear is that loss of cheek volume is a major contributor to the aging changes we see on the lower face. Juvéderm Voluma XCreferred to as Voluma, is the first FDA-approved filler for volume loss in the cheeks. It is a hyaluronic acid filler which produces very natural looking results when injected properly, and lasts an average of two years. Dr. Zimmet is one of the first physicians in the Austin area to offer Juvéderm Voluma XC. 

Click here to see more types of derma filler before & after photos.

See before and after picture results:

juvederm voluma before and after pictures



Call (512) 485-7700 to learn more and schedule a complimentary consultation.






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Tip of the Week: Acne Patients – Use a Moisturizer

Many patients with acne shy away from moisturizers, and doctors often recommend avoidance. However, there is more and more evidence that the barrier function of skin is compromised in acne patients. In addition, topical acne medications often contribute to skin dryness. Using a moisturizer reduces dryness and irritation and leads to more consistent use of the acne medications., which in turn leads to better control of the acne.

For more information on suggested moisturizers and acne treatment options contact us at (512) 485-7700 for a free consultation.


Laser Hair Removal Cost

One of the reasons for the growing popularity of laser hair removal treatment is its cost-effectiveness. Considering the fact that the results with this treatment can last for a long time, it becomes a one-time cost with superior aesthetic benefits. Dr. Steven Zimmet, a well-known dermatologist in Austin, TX provides laser hair removal treatment using advanced laser technologies. The procedure has emerged as one the most sought after cosmetic dermatology solutions due to the inherent non-surgical advantages of laser technology. 

Factors Affecting the Cost of Treatment

Laser hair removal treatments may cost differently between two practices. In some cases, the cost of treatment may also differ from one patient to another at the same skin care practice. A number of factors may impact the overall cost of treatment.

Where the Practice is Located

The cost of laser hair treatment in Austin, TX may not be the same as the cost of the identical procedure in New York City. The cost of living usually varies between geographical regions, which can have an impact on the average cost of most types of products and services, including aesthetic dermatology services.

Dermatologist’s Fee

If the patient plans to receive laser hair removal treatment from an experienced dermatologist, the cost may be relatively higher. The fee charged by laser hair removal expert will typically depend on their qualifications, experience and reputation in performing the procedure.

In aesthetic skin care procedures, it is usually a fantastic idea to choose an experienced and well-qualified expert to perform the treatment. The cost will be forgotten quickly, but the outcome of the procedure will stay with the patient for a long time. Corrective procedures can cost a lot more, and such situations can be avoided when the laser hair removal treatment is performed by a reputed expert.

Average Cost of Laser Hair Removal

Among other factors, the average cost of laser hair removal procedure will depend on what area of the body needs to be treated, the surface area of treatment, and the number of treatment sessions that a patient may require. Smaller areas of the body such as the bikini line or the underarms may cost in the range of $300 to $750 for a single treatment.

Larger treatment areas such as the legs or the back may cost anywhere between $750 and $1,300. As per the data provided by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), the average cost of a single treatment in the U.S. is $429. However, this cost is only an indicative figure, and the actual cost will vary depending on several factors as discussed above. The American Academy of Dermatology suggests that most patients would receive optimal benefit with four to six treatments spaced about one to two months apart.

Insurance and Financing

Laser hair removal treatment is usually an aesthetic procedure, which will not be covered under the patient’s health insurance plan. Patients may consider the options of financing, which are available through professional medical care finance companies. The office of the dermatologist may be able to provide some guidance with regard to such financing options.

Improving the Effectiveness of Neurotoxins Use for Aesthetic Enhancement

Austin, TX Cosmetic Dermatologist | Improving Botox® , Dysport, XeominNew opportunities in anti-aging injectable treatments are arising with a number of advanced neurotoxins approved for cosmetic use by the FDA. Skin care experts are now able to achieve subtle effects with these treatments that help a patient appear naturally younger and rejuvenated, rather than present a ‘frozen’ face. According to Seth L. Matarasso, MD, clinical professor of dermatology at the University of California, School of Medicine in San Francisco, with three FDA approved injectable toxins, the opportunities in aesthetic enhancement have multiplied.

For people who wish to achieve a more youthful looking face without surgery, this is the most exciting time. A growing number of patients are seeking new skin care treatments, with inspiration coming from positive testimonials of other patients. A recent survey by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery showed that dermatologic surgeons performed 1.49 million neuro-modulation procedures in 2012, which is nearly a 25 percent jump over the previous year.

Choosing the Right Treatment Provider

The most popular injectable neurotoxins in use today are Botox® , Dysport, and Xeomin. Leading experts in dermatology say that each of these treatment options can be equally effective. In most cases, it comes down to the personal preference of the patient and the treatment provider. Many patients choose Botox® over other options simply because they have used it in the past, and they are happy to continue with the same treatment.

Experts suggest that the key to successful outcomes with neurotoxins lies with the treatment provider. Amazing results can be achieved with Botox® , Dysport, or Xeomin alike, and things can go wrong either any of them if the provider makes a mistake. Therefore, it is crucial to choose a qualified and experienced skin care expert with a proven track record of success with these injectable treatments.

Expansion of Off-label Treatments

The advantage of opting for an experienced treatment provider or dermatologist is that it may be possible to receive effective treatment even in off-label areas. Skilled providers are able to address the aesthetic concerns of patients with regard to various areas of the face and body with injectable neurotoxins. The versatile usage of these toxins is a game-changer in aesthetic medicine.

Experienced providers are not just confined to treatments to reduce the effect of facial lines and wrinkles. They are able to enhance the overall appearance and shape of the face to minimize the impact of aging. Apart from off-label areas on the face, these toxins are also used for improving the appearance of the neck and chest.

Topical Anti-aging Solutions

While the injectable toxins continue to remain a most widely used non-surgical anti-aging treatment, skin care experts are looking forward to the development of topical anti-aging agents. These topical gels or creams may be used in combination with the injections to achieve more effective outcomes.

Development of Botulinum toxin Type A topical gel and other topical anti-aging agents is currently underway. Another innovative treatment called “cryomodulation” is under development, which will not involve chemicals and yet deliver the same cosmetic results as the injectable neurotoxins.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is among the most sought after aesthetic dermatology procedures in the United States today. Advancements in laser technologies have made the process of hair removal safer, simpler, and highly effective. Dr. Steven Zimmet is an experienced dermatologist providing a range of skin care treatments, including laser hair removal. Patients located in and around Austin, TX have an opportunity to receive the latest treatments at his state of the art practice.

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Body hair growth occurs differently in different people due to a variety of factors. Some people may get undesirable growth of hair on the face, back, neck, arms, bikini area, legs, and the back. This condition may occur due to hormonal imbalances, hereditary factors or other reasons.

Traditional solutions such as shaving, tweezing, and waxing can be painful and uncomfortable, and most importantly, they can only provide temporary relief. This is where laser hair removal has emerged as a highly effective long-term cosmetic dermatology treatment.

Good Candidates

Laser hair removal treatment is ideally suited for people who have a relatively lighter skin and pigment in their hair. The affected areas that need to be treated should not have tanning as far as possible. People who wish to remove white or gray hairs through laser technique may not achieve optimal results because the laser light will not be absorbed sufficiently to disintegrate the hair follicle.

Dr. Zimmet is an eminent dermatologist, who will first examine the suitability of the patient before recommending laser hair removal treatment. Patients in Austin, TX and surrounding communities may consult with Dr. Zimmet for this treatment.


Laser hair removal is a minimally invasive aesthetic procedure. The treatment begins with the laser expert placing the laser tip over the affected area of the skin. The laser tip will release a sharp beam of laser light that is delivered with high precision to the targeted hair follicles. The laser energy goes through the top surface of the skin, and the hair follicle pigment absorbs it. This disables the unwanted hair from its root. Gradually, the hair gets removed from the skin with lasting results.

Laser hair removal treatment is largely free of any pain and discomfort. The skin care expert may use a topical anesthetic cream to ensure the patient remains comfortable during the treatment. Most patients can achieve their desired aesthetic goals with multiple treatments. The number of treatments that a patient may need depend on the hair color, hair density, and the cycle and pattern of hair growth.


The long-term effectiveness of laser hair removal treatment has made it a treatment of choice for many people in the U.S. The outcome is not only long lasting, but also aesthetically superior in comparison to traditional hair removal techniques. One of the downsides of traditional solutions is that the patient is required to repeat them often to maintain the results. This can have an impact on the skin over a prolonged period of time. Such concerns are avoided in case of laser hair removal treatment.

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