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WATCH: Ultherapy® on Barbara Walters 20/20 Special – See Non-surgical Skin Tightening Works!

WATCH: Ultherapy® on Barbara Walters 20/20 Special – See Non-surgical Skin Tightening Works!

Ultherapy®- A Nonsurgical Way to Lift and Tighten Skin

The only non-invasive procedure FDA-cleared to lift skin
on the neck, under the chin and on the eyebrow.

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Skin Care Treatments – Austin

Skin Care Treatments - AustinAging, weather, sun exposure, stress, and illness can have an adverse impact on the skin, and make it look old and rough. An expert dermatologist such as Dr. Steven Zimmet emphasizes on the importance of skin care for both women and men in all age groups. He provides innovative and advanced skin care solutions at his dermatology practice in Austin, TX.

Chemical Peels

A wide range of chemical peels are available today, and it is up to the dermatologist and their team of aestheticians to recommend the most appropriate option for a particular patient to match with their individual aesthetic goals. An appropriate chemical peel treatment can help a person achieve a smoother, rejuvenated skin, and enhanced complexion. The SkinCeuticals Micropeel provided by Dr. Zimmet is designed to address large pores, wrinkles and fine lines, uneven skin tone and texture and other signs of sun damage.

The SkinCeuticals Micropeel Plus works more effectively on oily, blotchy and uneven skin to make it smoother, richer and preventing future breakouts at the same time. The Signature ZPeel aims to enhance the skin in a way that it gains a natural glow and appears firmer and brighter.

Laser Hair Removal

Zimmet Vein and Dermatology provides the options of electrolysis and laser based hair removal to help patients achieve long-term removal of unwanted body hair. Hair on the face, neck, arms, back, or bikini area can compromise the aesthetic appearance of a woman. Excessive hair may occur due to hormonal imbalances, genetic factors or other reasons.

For patients who are looking for more effective and long-term alternatives to shaving, waxing and tweezing, laser hair removal can be the right answer. Laser targets the dark pigmentation, and manages to remove unwanted hair from the root. The treatment is precise and does not cause damage to healthy surrounding skin. Electrolysis is another treatment option that is effective for both light and dark hair and patients of all complexions.

Skin Exfoliation with Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion is an exfoliation technique that gently removes the top cellular layer of the skin to pave way for softer, smoother, more youthful skin. This advanced skin care treatment can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improve coarser skin, and enhance skin tone and texture by removing the buildup of dead cells from the top layer of the skin.

The treatment is cost-effective and convenient, involving no downtime and quick recovery. Dr. Zimmet recommends this treatment to patients in and around Austin, TX if they are looking for a safe, gentle solution for skin exfoliation.

Skin Rejuvenation with GentleWaves®

GentleWaves® is a non-thermal LED based skin rejuvenation system designed to improve the condition of skin affected by sun exposure or other environmental factors. This non-surgical treatment involves a quick and painless treatment process that causes no injury to the skin surface.

Face, neck, and chest are the areas commonly treated with GentleWaves® . The treatment does not involve any downtime, and there is no risk of side effects. Multiple treatments are usually required to achieve the best results.

Dermatology in Austin TX

Dermatology in Austin TXDr. Steven Zimmet is a highly experienced dermatologist, providing state of the art skin care procedures to patients in Austin, TX and surrounding areas. A range of treatments for skin tightening, skin rejuvenation, wrinkle reduction and solutions for conditions such as rosacea and acne are provided at Dr. Zimmet’s dermatology practice.

Skin Tightening

Patients who are bothered by loose and sagging skin, which may occur due to aging or other factors, can opt for advanced skin tightening procedures provided by the experienced dermatologist, Dr. Zimmet in Austin, TX. Endymed 3DEEP treatment is an innovative radio frequency energy based treatment to tighten the skin in a non-invasive manner.

The energy is delivered to the deeper layers of the skin, promoting fresh collagen production, which allows the tightening and firming up of the skin in a natural manner. Ultherapy® is another popular non-surgical treatment that uses ultrasound energy to stimulate collagen growth. It can improve the skin firmness and tone with little or no downtime.

Rosacea Treatment

Zimmet Vein and Dermatology practice provides advanced solutions for rosacea, apart from the regular topical and oral treatments. Pulsed light rejuvenation with advanced Fotofacial technique uses VariLite laser in conjunction with pulsed light to reduce redness, flushing, breakouts, and facial veins.

Another innovative treatment called GentleWaves® employs gentle LED light that emits energy lesser than a 25W light bulb. This mild process can improve the appearance of the skin without causing any damage to the skin tissue or patient discomfort.

Skin Resurfacing

Signs of aging, acne scars, discoloration, and blotch skin due to sun damage can be improved with advanced laser based skin care procedures such as Fractional Laser Resurfacing. Dr. Zimmet’s practice also provides radio frequency based fractional skin resurfacing. Fine lines, deep wrinkles, pigmentation issues, scars, and skin laxity on the face, neck, and chest can be improved effectively with these non-surgical techniques.

Acne Treatments

A variety of acne treatments are provided by Dr. Zimmet in Austin, TX. Topical treatments include antibiotics, benzoyl peroxide solution, retinoids, and salicyclic acid. Oral antibiotics may be prescribed to address mild to moderate acne conditions. Cortisone injections are helpful in speeding up the healing in case of an acne cyst or nodule.

Another unique treatment that a dermatologist may offer is the Blu-U Blue Light Therapy. This treatment is designed to eliminate harmful acne-promoting bacteria. Accutane is a specialized medication to treat severe, cystic can conditions.

Wrinkle Treatments

Anti-aging treatments provided at Dr. Zimmet’s dermatology practice include widely accepted injectable solutions such as Botox® , Dysport and facial fillers. Botox® and Dysport are FDA-approved treatments to reduce frown lines, crow’s feet and forehead lines from the face.

A range of dermal fillers are available today that can be very effective in volumizing the skin and reducing the appearance of wrinkles and deep folds on the facial skin. Endymed 3DEEP, Ultherapy®, Fractional Resurfacing, Chemical Peels, Microdermabrasion, Topical Treatments, and Gen Technique and Carbon Peel are some of the most effective anti-aging skin care solutions provided by Dr. Zimmet to patients in and around Austin, TX.


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Hair Removal (Electrolysis and/or Laser)

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Advanced FotoFacial
Body Contouring (Liposonix & CoolSculpting)
ENDYMED™ Skin Tightening
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Advanced Fotofacial treatments are used to address uneven skin tone, sun damage, hyper-pigmentation, persistent redness and flushing, enlarged pores, rough skin texture and rosacea. Especially effective for the face, neck, chest, arms and hands. Call for pricing and to schedule complimentary consultation.

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Get rid of stubborn pockets of fat that don’t respond to diet and exercise non-invasively! Call for pricing and to schedule a complimentary consultation to find out if Liposonix orCoolSculpting is right for you.

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Tighten and smooth. Natural looking results with no downtime – for both face and body. Series of treatments usually required. Call for pricing and to schedule complimentary consultation.



No more stubble! No more shaving! Freedom!
Buy 3 treatments, get the 4th free! Call for pricing and to schedule complimentary consultation.


Rejuvenates skin & reduces the appearance of fine lines, blackheads, sunspots, acne scars, and enlarged pores. No significant down time.

Areas: Face, Neck and Décolletage, and Hands
First Area: $100 / Second Area $50 (treated at same time)


Addresses texture and tone – brightens, diminishes fine lines, improves general appearance and radiance.

skincare products

Featuring OBAGI, NEOCUTIS, SKINCEUTICALS, NEOSTRATA & ELTA. Not sure what you need? Come in for a custom skin analysis and product recommendation with our new Laser and Skincare Specialist, Carol Parker! Whether you need something for anti-aging, acne, prevention, or rosacea, we have the perfect regimen for you.

Austin Dermatologist, Dr. Steven Zimmet

Dr. Steven Zimmet has practiced dermatology in Austin, TX for more than three decades. He provides a wide range of skin care treatments, including laser-based treatments for the last 25 years. Dr. Zimmet makes sure that his patients are fully educated about various treatment options available in their case, and helps them make the most appropriate choices. His goal as a dermatologist is to provide outstanding, awesome, and renowned treatments to meet the patient’s aesthetic goals.

Austin Dermatologist, Dr. Steven Zimmet

Education and Certifications

Dr. Zimmet graduated from the Georgetown University School of Medicine in 1978 and completed his residency in Pittsburgh in 1981. He became a Fellow of the American College of Phlebology in 2004, and an Emeritus Fellow of the Australasian College of Phlebology in 2007.

Dr. Zimmet became a Registered Vascular Technologist (RVT) in 2007. He is the founding president of the American Board of Venous and Lymphatic Medicine, and served as president of the American College of Phlebology from 2005 to 2007.

Awards and Recognition

Dr. Zimmet was elected by his peers for inclusion in the Best Doctors in America Database for 2011-2012 for dermatology and phlebology. In 2013, he received the HealthTap Top Doctor Award for the “Top Aesthetic Medicine Specialist in Texas” as well as the “Most Influential Doctor in the Austin Region.” He also won the coveted Patient’s Choice Award in 2013.

The Consumers’ Research Council of America listed Dr. Zimmet in their “Guide to America’s Top Physicians.” The prestigious Vein Magazine named him as one of the 25 most influential professionals in vein care globally. The voting for this position was done by physicians in the United States as well as internationally who are connected with the field of vein care.

Presentations and Articles

Dr. Zimmet has delivered more than 70 presentations during his illustrious career at various national and international medical conferences related to skin care and other fields. He has also authored a large number of articles for globally recognized medical journals and other publications. He has been serving as Editor of “Phlebology: The Journal of Venous Disease” since 2007.

Lisa P., Co-Director Livonia Vein Center, Department of Surgery, Section of Vascular Surgery, University of Michigan, said about Dr. Zimmet: “I have had the opportunity and privilege to work with Dr. Zimmet through the American College of Phlebology and the American Board of Phlebology. Not only is he an incredibly talented, intelligent and highly-respected clinician, he is also a tremendous mentor, teacher, and a true leader in his field.”

Academic Contributions

Apart from his practice as a dermatologist, Dr. Zimmet has served as faculty for the American Academy of Dermatology, American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, American College of Phlebology, American Venous Forum, Society for Interventional Radiology, German Society of Phlebology, French Society of Phlebology, Canadian Society of Phlebology, and Australian Society of Phlebology. He gave a keynote talk at the 2013 Annual National Venous Interventional Summit in India. He has also served on the Scientific Committee and Abstract Committee of the International Union of Phlebology World Congress in 2013 in Boston.


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Voluma restores lost skin volume and brings a youthful curve back to cheeks. Fillers smooth out moderate to severe wrinkles and folds around the nose and mouth.

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ActiveFX restores skin and reduces signs of aging – improves overall appearance of skin. Call for pricing and to schedule complimentary consultation.

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Lift, Tighten and Tone non-invasively with Ultherapy®. Great for the face and loose skin on the neck and under the chin. Call for pricing and to schedule complimentary consultation.


Tri-Beam laser addresses hyperpigmentation such as age spots and melanoma. Also used in the removal of tattoos. Call for pricing and to schedule complimentary consultation.


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Overview of Dr. Steven Zimmet’s Austin Dermatology Practice

Austin Dermatologist

dr-zimmet austin dermatologistDr. Steven Zimmet, with more than three decades of experience as a dermatologist, provides state of the art skin care solutions to patients in and around Austin, TX. He makes use of advanced laser techniques to achieve safe, targeted, and highly effective outcomes in various dermatology areas for his patients.

About Dr. Zimmet

Dr. Steven Zimmet received a certification from the American Board of Family Practice in 1981 as well as a certification from the American Board of Venous and Lymphatic Medicine in 2008. He also became a Registered Vascular Technologist (RVT) in 2007. As a leading dermatologist, Dr. Zimmet is associated with various professional organizations. He is the founding president of the American Board of Venous and Lymphatic Medicine, and served as President of the American College of Phlebology from 2005 to 2007.

Dr. Zimmet has received several honors and recognition for his contributions to the field of dermatology. He has received the 2013 HealthTap Top Doctor Award as a “Top Aesthetic Medicine Specialist in Texas” as well as the “Most Influential Doctor in the Austin Region.” He has also received the 2013 Patient’s Choice Award. The Vein Magazine has named Dr. Zimmet as one of the 25 most influential professionals in the field of the vein care globally. He was chosen for this honor through vote of physicians around the world who are related with the field of vein care.


Dr. Zimmet provides a number of safe, proven and effective skin care products to his patients in Austin, TX and nearby areas.

Body Contouring

Dr. Zimmet provides non-surgical body contouring procedures that are designed to reduce unwanted fat pockets, which are resistant to exercise and diet efforts. Ultrashape and Venus Legacy™ are two such innovative techniques available at his practice.

Skin Treatments

Zimmet Vein & Dermatology practice offers Ultherapy® and ENDYMED™ 3DEEP skin tightening treatments to reduce the signs of aging in the skin. VariLight laser and other treatments are provided for Rosacea treatment. Fractional CO2 laser and fractional radio frequency treatments are provided for skin rejuvenation through resurfacing. Blu-U Blue Light Therapy, peels, cortisone injections and topical and oral treatments are provided to treat various acne conditions. Treatments for wrinkles, sun damage, melisma, and laser tattoo removal are also available at the practice.

Vein Treatments

As an experienced dermatologist, Dr. Zimmet offers sclerotherapy, which is a non-surgical treatment for varicose veins and spider veins. Laser and pulsed light treatments are provided for the treatment of facial spider veins. Ambulatory Phlebectomy procedure is available for the treatment of large varicose veins. Endovenous Laser Treatment (EVLT) is another in-office procedure that may be recommended for specific vein conditions at Dr. Zimmet’s practice.

Aesthetic Treatments

A range of peels and refreshers for skin rejuvenation are provided by Dr. Zimmet. Hair removal techniques such as laser hair removal and electrolysis are provided. The practice is also equipped to provide advanced skin rejuvenation techniques such as microdermabrasion and GentleWaves® .

Skin Vein Skin Vein

Austin, Texas

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